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Jason Tremblay of The Timeshare Authority reports that TATOC, the UK based Timeshare Association, have released their comments on a new, comprehensive timeshare owners study by the Christel DeHaan Tourism and Travel Research Institute which we reported here on June 15.

TATOC see the results of this study as “…a powerful, credible and ringing endorsement of the growing popularity of holiday ownership” and that they would point to timeshare ownership as clearly being an integral part of the global travel and tourism industry.

Full article at The Timeshare Authority site here

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A global seminar has been announced in September to create a forum for industry professionals to discuss and propose solutions to some of the challenges faced in the industry today.

The theme of the September 28-29 conference is “Radical Thinking & Decisive Action”, reflecting the challenges the timeshare industry faces as the world navigates through its worst ever economic crisis. The seminar will consist of presentations by expert speakers on pressing industry issues, followed by workshop sessions to discuss these issues and propose working solutions to the challenges discussed. Topics include: timeshare resales, realities of the exchange system, maintenance fee collection, marketing and lead generation, sales techniques and certification, rental programs and new products.

Check out this entire report here.

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Time after Time

Going back in time, folks.

TIME Magazine, in a report dated April 30. 2009 by Ms. Janet Morrissey covered the developments in the Timeshare  industry. Here’s a link to the article.

But what we found more interesting was a May 5th, 2009 article by Mark Silverman of the Examiner.com giving another perspective to the article.

We found both articles informative and educative and are positive you will agree.

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We’ve got an interesting new link on the AIRDA website, where we will regularly feature interviews with member resort owners and customers of timeshare in the country. We see this as an open platform for views and feedback that should be useful to us here, at AIRDA and our member community of resort owners.

Click on the image below and it will take you to two interviews. The first with Manoj Singhal, who is the Executive Director of Neesa Leisure, Gurgaon. The second interview is with Paul Fernandes – a designer and art director based in Bangalore, and a very keen timeshare traveller.


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Anil_RathorOn the AIRDA website, we have a regular column written by Mr B.S. Rathor, who is currently the Chairman. Every month, he opens a whole new window to issues that draw customers and members closer to a common platform. A platform that is mutually supportive, and wide open to healthy interaction and sharing. That in essence is also what we hope to achieve through the AIRDA website.

This is a small  exerpt from the most recent message. Please follow the link to the article at the bottom of this post.

Primary membership at AIRDA is for resort owners and developers in the timeshare marketplace. These form the core group who benefit from being active and present within the AIRDA platform. Then we have what we call signed-in members – new prospects, or customers of timeshare who look at our website or get in touch with us for more information.

So, whose side are we on? Resort owners who are primary members of AIRDA, or customers who may approach AIRDA to clear a doubt or address a grievance?

Click here for the answers to that question.

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Well, we came across this useful article and felt immediately we must share it with you.

Resort Maps, creator of customized travel maps in more than 90 cities and towns across the U.S. and U.K. has some family travel tips that can help you optimize the pleasure of family trips and minimize the inconvenience.

Click here to read more (Source:www.pr-inside.com)

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The article briefly summarizes several trends noted by NorthCourse in their 2009 report covering Private Residence Clubs, Fractional expansion, the emphasis on fly-to destinations and existing properties versus to be built properties.

Other links covering the products discussed can be accessed here, here and here.

Source: http://www.fractionalreport.com/

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Timeshare thriving in Europe

This report is a bit old (< 15 days) but we felt it was still interesting to share it with our readers:

Europe has over 1.5 million timeshare owners and according to Christel DeHaan Tourism and the Travel Research Institute of Nottingham University Business School 87 percent of these owners are happy with their holiday properties.

The research was conducted on behalf of the Resort Development Organisation (RDO). The study examined the industry in detail, with in-depth analysis of its economic impact, owners’ thoughts about their timeshare, and what the industry’s reach would be.

To read the full article, click here (Source: Timeshares Daily.com )

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The resilience factor

We’ve heard it before. And the news continues, unabated.

MD Club Leisure Group, Shaun Lamont says despite the current economic recession globally, timeshare is resilient. People still want to holiday – and having acquired timeshare or points, they will travel. For the non timeshare holder, travelling has become limited as budgets are tightened and luxuries such as travel are put at the bottom of the list of “things to do”, but with timeshare or points, the product choice is vast, and already paid for. Hotels across the world are increasingly allocating a portion of their rooms to the vacation ownership exchange business because it acts as a buffer in hard times.

The industry is growing, globally (6 per cent), and has proven hardy in previous economic shake-ups, to a large extent people recognize life’s uncertainty, and want to make the best of their acquisition and use of it as long as they can.

Full text of article here (Source: TravelWires.com)

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A good time for timeshare

Jason Clowrey, founder and Director of Business Development and Communications at Visions of the World is confident when he claims: “…there’s never been a better time to buy a shared ownership program, whether it is timeshare, holiday ownership, vacation club, points club or any other fractional ownership. The savings at this moment are fantastic!”

Confidence senses opportunity. So Visions of the World have secured a finance package this week which will allow purchasers who have resided within the UK for 3 years or more, the ability to finance their purchase of a Timeshare Resale through Visions of the World.

The finance program will allow clients, who qualify, the opportunity to buy a timeshare resale through Visions of the World and finance the purchase price on one of three different finance options.

Full post here (Source: MarketWire.com)

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