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RCI has helped to put a positive page-lead article on timeshare in front of a potential six million readers.

The story appeared in the UK’s Daily Mail national newspaper on Friday, May 28, prompted by a suggestion from RCI.

The article ‘Perks of power sharing’, written by journalist Liz Rowlinson, was prompted by the idea that the UK’s new deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will be ‘time-sharing’ his government residence Chevering House with new Foreign Secretary William Hague.

The timely (and timesharing!) angle to the UK election outcome was identified by Caroline Brown of RCI’s PR agency, P1 Communications, who worked on a pitch with Helen Foster, Communication Manager and Editor RCI Ventures.  The story was published in property section of The Daily Mail.

The full-page story uses the Clegg-Hague scenario to kickstart a positive angle on how timeshare can offer a hassle-free holiday home, citing a variety of examples of properties, as well as the benefits of exchange programmes,  increased consumer protection afforded by the EU Directive and trade body governance through RDO.

The Daily Mail is one of the highest read newspapers in the UK, with a circulation of 2.1 million, which roughly translates into a readership of 6.3 million. To achieve the same coverage by taking out an advertisement would have cost more than £33,000.

“We’re thrilled with this positive and high-profile media coverage for the timeshare industry,” said Foster. “In support of our developers, RDO and our members, who have invested in their timeshares for a lifetime of holidays, RCI has increased its focus and drive to educate the mainstream media and to get the positive recognition our industry deserves.”

Source/Courtesy: www.rciventures.com

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New, tough legislation regulating the timeshare industry in Malta was tabled in the House of Representatives on Monday evening by Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism and MEPA Mario Demarco.

The “Timeshare and Timeshare-like Products Promotion – Licensing of OPC Representatives – Regulations of 2010” will see timeshare touts fined up to a maximum of €2,300 for each infringement.

Full details here

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Mexico’s Ministry of the Economy has established new information requirements and regulations for providers of timeshare services. Failure to comply with such rules can result in substantial fines and affect the enforceability of timeshare purchase agreements.

The new requirements and regulations are outlined in an Official Mexican Norm, known as a “NOM,” which is effective 60 days after the date it was published, May 17, 2010.

Full report here ( News Courtesy: http://www.ballardsphr.com)

The actual regulations are here ( in Mexican, though!)

More details from www.timesharedaily.com

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Converting The Condo Bust To A Timeshare Windfall: Timeshare giant Wyndham sees gold in busted condominium developments.
The brain trust at timeshare developer Wyndham Worldwide thinks it can. In an interesting twist, Wyndham hopes to spin some gold from the conversions without putting its own weakened balance sheet at risk.
Chief Executive Steve Holmes has indicated Wyndham operatives have identified at least 5,000 unsold condo and hotel units that may be potentially converted to timeshares in the U.S. and Caribbean. The $3.8-billion-in-sales hotelier, based in Parsippany, N.J., has a sizable timeshare business.
Full report here ( Courtesy: Forbes)

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RCI TV Viewed Over 1 Million Times

RCI TV Viewed Over 1 Million Times in Less Than Six Months, Celebrates With All-Inclusive Resort Vacation Giveaway

Vacation Planning and Demystifying Timeshares From the Comfort of the Couch.
The web-based television network, once exclusive to RCI subscribing members, began granting public access in November 2009 to its entertaining and educational high-definition videos narrated by the enigmatic “RCI Guy” on http://www.RCI.com. This 1 million-view milestone demonstrates that travelers are interested in not only learning more about the timeshare industry, but also visiting the hundreds of RCIs more than 4,000 resorts who are showcasing their vacation destinations in high-definition video on-line. To celebrate this landmark number, RCI is giving away a choice of either an all-inclusive vacation at an RCI affiliated resort for up to four people valued at up to $5,000 USD for one week at any one of the stunning all-inclusive properties featured on RCI TV, or a one week stay for up to four people at any of the beautiful non all-inclusive “Resort Showcase” properties featured on RCI TV.

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One of the companies who want to deal with these is the RedWeek.com, the largest timeshare marketplace.

Recently, it partnered with the Timeshare Crusader, Lisa Ann Schreier, to further awareness of and education about timesharing. Schreier on the other hand, is the founder and director of Timeshare Insights, a consumer consulting and education organization, and the author of several timeshare books.

Full report here.

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MyTimeShareAttorney.com announced today that victims of timeshare misrepresentations are eligible for a Free Attorney Consultation.  With all the marketing hype and high-pressure sales tactics being deployed by the timeshare industry, consumers need somewhere to get non-information.  MyTimeshareAtorrney.com is providing Florida residents and non Florida residents who purchased timeshares located in Florida, a Free Consultation for simply filling out their online questionnaire.

Attorney Susan Budowski, a Child Advocate for Abused and Neglected Children recently added Timeshare Advocacy to her law practice. “After listening to the heartbreak and sadness of couples and individuals who agreed to a “sales presentation” and ended up timeshare owners.  They had no intention, plans and many, even the financial where with all to complete the transaction, yet they are now “Timeshare Owners”.

Full story here.

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