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Over at the Timeshare Authority, Timeshare expert links the Top 3 destinations in the US with the Timeshare Resorts options.

Check it out…informative article indeed!

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Points Club in India by RCI

Hotel Interactive reports the following:

RCI, the global leader in vacation exchange and one of the Wyndham Worldwide family of brands (NYSE: WYN), has introduced the RCI Points program through Cambay Family Holidays Club, part of Neesa Leisure Ltd. With the launch of RCI Points in India, timeshare owners will be offered an enhanced trading system that gives RCI Points members greater flexibility in resort and travel exchange.

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Delinquent fall

The WallStreetJournal reports that

Delinquencies on timeshare loans packed into asset-backed securities declined in the first quarter and hit the lowest level since just before the financial crisis hit its peak.

Full report here

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Over the years, I have watched the timeshare operating model closely. I have seen it grow, evolve and redefine how people look at forward investments for sustained gains. Timeshare, as a concept is a clear win-win format, if the promoters run the business with ethics, transparency and customer commitment.

Over the years, I have also seen something very interesting evolve. I have seen the timeshare model extended to other service offerings where the customer gets the same rights, privileges and benefits. Today, you have train holidays, luxury car rental, yacht-share, and timeshare plans that even cover the use of personal jets.

More at this link, on the AIRDA website >


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Delinquencies on timeshare loans packed into asset-backed securities declined in the first quarter and hit the lowest level since just before the financial crisis hit its peak, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services said recently.

Here’s a link to the article ( Source: WSJ.com)

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Viva Brazil

FractionalLife.com reports that

A new report into the vacation ownership market in Brazil says the country “is poised for rapid and long-term growth for many years”. The study undertaken by Sarah Rezak, Associate Consultant of Luxury Leisure Properties International was unveiled at the recent SASOIC shared ownership conference in Rio de Janeiro.

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Timeshare in Spain collapsing?

Well, if you go by these reports:

From inewswire:

A new court ruling in a Spanish court against one of the largest timeshare developers in Spain for timeshare miss-selling has now started an avalanche of new claims for timeshare compensation, industry experts believe that a meltdown will commence.

From PRfire:

In a new court ruling by a Magistrate in Gran Canaria against Anfi Del Mar, the timeshare industry in Europe is set for up to 400,000 new timeshare compensation claims worth an estimated 2 Billion Euro.

Timeshare Industry in Spain Set To collapse.

In the article ‘RDO rebuffs collapse claims for Spanish timeshare’,  a statement posted online by Claims Directive, the industry body said:

“The timeshare industry both in Spain, the rest of Europe and USA as well as other international territories is extremely robust.”

Source: RCIVentures.com

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A report from The National in UAE titled ‘ Property Sector makes room for Timeshare’.

Timeshare, or shared ownership, is expected to become much more popular in Dubai as newly built areas of the city attract thousands of new visitors and property owners seek to maximise profits from their investments.

Full report here

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Timeshare Internet Tool Bar

Perspective Magazine, the timeshare and fractional ownership industry’s largest independent trade publication, has introduced the first industry toolbar that delivers the latest news and reviews direct to the Internet browsers of its users without having to first visit the Perspective website.

The multi-platform Internet browser toolbar will deliver industry news and reviews to Internet users as they surf without having to first visit the Perspective Magazine website, saving them time and reaching a wider audience. The toolbar has the ability to send alerts directly to the desktop of the industry toolbar users allowing Perspective Magazine to instantly reach a massive audience with breaking news or key information. Other features include local and global search via Google, and optional features such as Facebook and Email Alerts, a built-in radio player and weather updates.

Full news report here ( Source: http://www.examiner.com )

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From TimesharesDaily.com:

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) says that the new legislation that was passed in Florida will help protect timeshare owners in many ways.

The bill exempts timeshare buyers from fees and charges that are charged whenever the owners switch weeks with other timeshare owners. The changes in the rules and guidelines cover taxes on timeshare visits and debt cancellation on selected offers.

Because of the current state of the economy, some government bodies try to tax timeshare transactions to get extra revenue. This bill tries to prohibit these taxes.

Florida is not the first state to implement such rules and regulations. It is one of three states that currently are actively pursuing the legislation.

The lobbyists hope that the bill will make Florida a more timeshare-conducive area.

Here’s a link to the ARDA website on this issue

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