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Ravi Reddy is the Founder Director of Living Green Projects Private Limited. Living Green specializes in medium-to-large landscaping projects at corporate offices, resorts, farmhouses, upmarket residences and public spaces.

Ravi travels a great deal on work and leisure and has just picked up a timeshare plan from Mahindra Holidays. We talk to him about timeshare and what really appealed to him in terms of benefits and features.

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In this month’s Q&A, you will see an interview with Mr Ravi Reddy – a new timeshare customer. Someone who is so excited about his plan that he can make a feature-benefit presentation on his own.

To me this is indicative of changing lifestyles and consumer profiles. The trend is largely linked to the fast changing range of offerings at timeshare resorts. Today, you have exotic locations, modern amenities, theme cuisines and professional sport and fitness gurus as holiday evangelists.

With younger profiles, the experience can get adventurous, with fishing, water sports, scuba diving, skiing, rock climbing and trekking. Extended in-house facilities could include health clubs, games rooms, play-parks for children, upgraded laundry and dining options. Some resorts even have a compact course for the golf-inclined.

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