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Radhika Shastry is Managing Director – India, for RCI, a subsidiary of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, and the global leader in vacation exchange and European rentals with exclusive access for specified periods to more than 67,000 vacation properties around the world. She is responsible for leading RCI’s business in this region and is based in the Bangalore office.

During her 17 year tenure with RCI, Radhika has developed many new products and led numerous initiatives to help grow the business in India. Her strength in building long-term relationships combined with her knowledge and understanding of the industry has not only aided the development of Timeshare in India but has also made RCI synonymous with the term in this part of the world.

We talk to Radhika about her views on the industry from the vantage point of a key stakeholder in the industry and an industry observer, looking at current and future scenarios.

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We’ve been featuring interviews with new “joinees” to the timeshare fraternity on our website and I thought I’d refresh the guidelines that we normally share with new or prospective customers. Especially if you’re dealing with resorts outside the member network of AIRDA.

These tips could be very useful during a presentation, when you’re signing on the dotted line, or writing out a cheque.
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