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Q: When did you first get to stay at a timeshare resort?

A:One of the good things about getting married is taking stock of the plentiful gifts that come your way. So can you imagine our surprise when we found a plain vanilla envelope among hundreds of elaborately wrapped gifts. The envelope – oh my God – contained an invitation from my uncle, to take a pick from his timeshare weeks for our honeymoon.


We were terribly excited because we could actually choose more than one honeymoon location. Obviously, they had to be ones where Mahindra had a resort, so we picked Coorg for the hills, and Goa for the beaches. We made the journey between Coorg and Goa a lovely road-trip along the western coast.

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anil_rathor2 At public forums I am often asked about AIRDA’s self regulatory role and our responsibility to educate member resorts and customers. I take this opportunity to present a recap on the subject, for customers and resort owners who will find the information very useful.

Today, the vacation ownership industry has to its credit high benchmarks on overall excellence, quality and choice of product offerings – especially in F&B, entertainment, leisure activities and lifestyle experiences.

We have also achieved notable success, with  newer resorts coming up in “uncharted” tourist locations. While growth and development is a good sign, there is an urgent need to invest in new infrastructure, facilities and amenities so that customers can look forward to hassle-free holidays resorts that can be easily tagged “world class”.

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AIRDA_Cartoon+CollageCheck out the new cartoons on the AIRDA website. We’ve got a fresh set done, ready and uploaded. AIRDA member resorts can use these cartoons in their newsletters and presentations, but do write in at airdacontent@gmail.com. We could send you these images in the size that would be suitable for the application you have in mind.

It is useful for us to know where our content is being used. And when you use our cartoons, please link back to the AIRDA website and acknowledge the source for the content. You can say something like: Cartoon source: http://www.airda.org/html/resources/holiday_season.html

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Knowledge is power, and continually broadening and strengthening industry expertise through new learning opportunities is always a smart business decision. Front and centre in this important effort, RCI hosted a shared ownership conference on January 10 in Mumbai, where it dished out a wealth of industry-smart insights to hoteliers, resort owners, real estate developers, investors and hospitality consultants on how to successfully integrate shared ownership models into leisure real estate developments to generate greater business results.

True to the title of the full-day conference, “Turning Assets into Opportunities,” over 180 attendees explored how to successfully implement shared ownership practices into their businesses to yield optimal revenue potential of available assets.

“RCI was early to advance the case for timeshare development in India,” said Geoff Ballotti, chief executive officer, RCI. “And the tremendous success that RCI’s affiliates have experienced across the country over the past 20 years confirms the opportunity for all developers of real estate to explore the many benefits that shared ownership has to offer. Our operations, marketing and business development teams in our offices across India remain more committed than ever to helping our developers capitalize on the significant demand for their vacation offerings and services that is growing in India today.”

Bringing to life the benefits of shared ownership was an experienced panel of industry leaders. Sean Lowe, managing director, RCI EMEAI, and Gregg Anderson, global vice president, The Registry Collection® program, spoke in-depth about shared ownership models and their features and benefits. Additionally, Gordon Gurnik, president, RCI, highlighted RCI’s innovative new programs and services that are helping to push the industry further forward. Akshay Kulkarni, Executive Director, South Asia, Cushman & Wakefield Hospitality provided keen insights into Timeshare in India and explored the potential of the industry in the ever expanding tourism space, including identifying key growth drivers, current states where Timeshare is doing well and new destinations with scope for further development. In addition, Howard Nusbaum, president and chief executive officer of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) presented on the critical factors that will further the industry’s success and Shari Levitin, founder and chief executive officer of Levitin Group, delivered strategies to drive positive results in timeshare sales and marketing.

The ideal forum for proactive and productive discussion between panel speakers and attendees, conference conversations also covered critical industry issues, including challenges and solutions for entering the business, leisure real estate opportunities for the luxury market in India, legal dynamics of fractional ownership, industry innovations and implementation of best practices within the industry.

“Travel and tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in India, with timeshare doing particularly well,” said Radhika Shastry, managing director, RCI India. “This is due to improvements in infrastructure coupled with rising disposable income and a desire for unique holiday experiences. With so many new players in the industry, educational programs are invaluable. RCI was pleased to host this unique Shared Ownership Conference that provided a learning platform for both existing as well as potential developers.”

Report sent in by Ranjana Biswas – Corp Comm at Group RCI


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