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This month, I’d like to talk about one aspect of running a business that places our industry in the forefront: the digital marketplace. I’ve been a corporate warrior for many years and in our time there were no computers, no laptops, no mobile phones – come to think of it, we didn’t have the internet either. But I think we managed to get through our workdays smoothly – things got done as planned. (Almost, I guess.)

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In addition to functioning as a supportive hub for vacation ownership and timeshare, AIRDA invests time and effort to form a common platform of growth for resort owners, end-customers and stakeholders – through education, communication and public relations.

When the need arises, AIRDA helps its members address conflicts through constructive dialogue and amicable resolution. The objective here is to also benefit from the experience-sharing of members and create a common knowledge pool of best-in-class business practices.

The key profile segments at AIRDA

Timeshare holiday promoters looking for a platform that helps them seek and share information on timeshare and vacation ownership – especially in terms of business drivers and market expansion.

Timeshare holiday promoters looking for a unified voice of strength on interactions with government bodies and industry departments – especially on issues that need representation and follow-through.

Existing developers who want to redefine policies on timeshare and upgrade on customer experience. Inputs here could cover consumer protection policies and AIRDA’s Code of Ethics.

New / prospective developers seeking entry level guidance and a possible road map to help navigate market entry and growth.

Consumers and new prospects looking for navigation assistance in vacation ownership and timeshare.
AIRDA provides a wealth of information and advice to consumers reviewing options in vacation ownership and timeshare. It facilitates protection of consumer rights through education and awareness.

Working on useful guidelines from a consumer’s point of view, the association helps increase awareness levels of key issues:
Reviewing timeshare products and understanding relative benefits.
What to expect during a sales presentation by project developers.
The importance of making an informed purchase decision.
AIRDA also addresses grievances, if any, related to resort-owner members; in case of grievances related to non-members, AIRDA through its website, email and helpline, provides a useful and supportive interface on the steps to be taken.

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