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“Timeshare buyers should spend time educating themselves about the product, the features and offerings, as well as know what their own responsibilities are to keep the membership alive and valid. Our website – http://www.airda.org – is an excellent source for information – both for end customers and resort owners wanting to part of a larger ethical body.”

B S Rathor, Chairman, AIRDA

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In these days of increased consumer awareness, the important thing for us to do is underline the assurance that goes with resort owners in the organized sector of timeshare. These are timeshare companies with a commitment to the customer, to the industry and the people employed – directly, or indirectly.

I mentioned ‘organized sector’ in my opening paragraph to illustrate the two ways to look at timeshare in India. There exists an unorganized market with independent players who make their own rules on charges, fees, deliverables and customer experience. And then you have the organized sector, operating within a self-regulated body called the All India Resort Development Association (AIRDA). It is useful for end customers to evaluate the differences that emerge between the two, well before they sign the contract.

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For timeshare companies the prime concern always is to find new ways of tapping into a prospect base. Look at their most ideal target group and you’ll find young professionals in their 30s (and mid-30s) coming through as core prospects. These are people who are really busy during workdays and hard to track after working hours. Can you see where I’m going from here?

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