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It’s June, already and we have reached the middle of the year. Some of us have achieved our targets, and maybe others have some catching up to do.

Way back, when I was much younger, a senior mentor of mine gave me a few useful tips that I am sure will help young marketing professionals of today. These are simple, easy-to-follow and implement. In fact, so simple that people will wonder why I am sharing them as action pointers.

But then, some of the most valuable tips from the Gurus have always been plain, simple and motivating..

Read the complete interview with Mr B.S. Rathor on the AIRDA website

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Q: Ravi, what’s your first-hand view of the timeshare experience in India?

A: That, from a concept which started in the early 90’s, timeshare is very much a reality in today’s India! And the fact that the world largest exchange company in the world, RCI is 25 years old in India says something about it!!!

Q: How do the resorts of today compare with those of the early days?

A: The resorts of today are getting increasingly modern in keeping with the requirements of the family. They are also catering to the small, compact family as well as the joint family type in terms of accommodation and choice. The beauty about them is that they are present in the best of the locations in India – be it beaches, historical places, wildlife parks, snow capped mountains, etc.

Read the complete interview with Ravikumar on the AIRDA website

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