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I always wanted to start a group, where people could network and eventually interact on the same page, based on common interests. A sharing group like this is what the timeshare industry needs – helping professionals share opportunities, industry updates, and offer feedback on queries posted.

The internet gives you many ways of networking, but facebook is probably the most popular watering hole on the web. Facebook also offers excellent search functionality – there’s a very high chance that we will show up whenever people search for groups linked to timeshare. From my point of view, this group will do several things. One: It will attract people working in the timeshare industry. Two: It will provide a neutral platform for the exchange of information, ideas and opportunities. Three: It will encourage people to post updates on jobs and consultancy openings. Eventually a lot more will happen out here.

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Just the other day, I was at the Golf Club with some old friends who had decided to meet up and shoot the breeze after a long, long time. We discussed handicaps, the state of the course, young talent with potential and old talent with a future. Then the time came to catch up on work related updates. When my turn came, I gave them an overview of what we were doing at AIRDA in the timeshare space. I think timeshare generated more discussions than the professions of others, and I found myself explaining industry developments to a very interested audience.

Then someone asked me, “Where do you see timeshare, in five years?”

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