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The Q&A section on the AIRDA website is over five years old. We’ve had sessions with CEOs, business heads, independent consultants and other professionals who are connected with the timeshare industry in some way. We have also talked to customers from different age groups – our oldest is 87 years old and still looking forward to her next holiday. Our youngest was 13 when we spoke to him three years ago – at 16, he’s considering rapid-river-rafting on his next holiday.

This month’s pitstop is about inviting people like you for instance. Especially if you have an observation to make, a story to share, or constructive feedback to offer. We’re also looking forward to conversations with professionals and stakeholders in the industry.

Here’s a quick guide on what we have in mind on conversations and inputs

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When I stay at hotels or timeshare resorts, I usually spend time, chatting with people who are at the customer interface – especially those in front office, guest relations and room service. These are people who anticipate your every need – answering calls, delivering meals, cleaning rooms, carrying your bags, and helping make your stay comfortable.

According to human resource consultants, the people factor rates very high in the hospitality business. What will make your guests happy in the resort depends on the quality of attention your people can provide and the level of service they can deliver. So we need to be careful and ensure standards that will make our guests, comfortable and satisfied.

Read the complete interview with Mr B.S. Rathor on the AIRDA website

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