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Magic Holidays is a timeshare product from the Panoramic Group of Companies, a worldwide hospitality innovator. What makes this product different is that it allows customers to own tomorrow’s holidays at today’s prices, giving guests an experience of ‘Unforgettable Times’!

A Magic Holidays customer is guaranteed of timely booking at any of their resorts in some of the best locations in India and abroad. In addition, they get a value-for-money package, which is an advantage in these inflation-ridden times.

Powered by RCI (Resort Condominium International: Subsidiary of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation) the largest timeshare vacation exchange network in the world through association with brands like Ramada, Baymont Inn and Suites, Wingate Inn, etc., Magic Holidays gives customers a wide choice of holidaying in more than 103 countries. The resort locations range from mountain slopes to coastal plains; providing a variety of accommodation across 6,500+ resorts worldwide.

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SatheeshgFrom our Q&A posting on the AIRDA website this month, where we talk to travel photographer Satheesh Kumar.

Q: Is there something unusual you can recall from your photography expeditions?

A: Yes, there are many, but one incident at Top Station in Munnar comes to mind now. Top Station is 32 km from Munnar and is the highest point at 1700m. From this vantage point you get a panoramic view of the Western Ghats and the valley of Theni District. Well, there I was, waiting for the right moment, when a young couple from Belgium came into the frame. Suddenly, we were swamped by a huge curtain of mist that reduced visibility to near zero. The mist cleared within a couple of minutes, but I was waiting with my camera ready to capture this really endearing picture.

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I’ve been in the corporate world for over forty years, now. When we were young professionals, you would get brownie points if you cancelled a holiday to stay back in office and help the team. The boss would say he is proud of you and this would somehow get reflected in a reward at the end of the year – a promotion, or a substantial raise.

Those days, even if you managed to convince the boss about that vacation, he could ask you to call from some land line, every single day. Just to make sure you were still on a leash and ready to rush back, should the need arise.

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