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Vinayak_Tamse Vinayak Tamse heads an independent architectural firm called Tamse Associates which concentrates on single-unit housing, group housing, home interiors, corporate interiors and hospitality projects. He is also a senior consultant for Aswani Properties, where he leads design, architecture, construction and project roll-outs. Vinayak’s current obsession is in small format housing, and his 545 sft template is indeed a whole new perspective. “Small is Beautiful”.

Vinayak has just been invited to a timeshare presentation and does not know what’s in store for him. We listen to his concerns and reassure him with information that can help clear doubts and grey areas. So here’s Vinayak Tamse talking to us about his first sales presentation by a timeshare company.

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Listening to the customer

Whenever possible, I spend time with marketing teams on the challenges they face at a sales presentation. What interests me here is information on final conversions, or non-conversions – and the reasons people give you when they choose not to buy your product.

When you look at the reasons given by potential customers, you wonder if the sale could have been clinched with a clearer picture on facilities, facts and features. Because the customer almost always has doubts, reservations, fears and misconceptions – very rarely does he come for a presentation fully prepared to sign on the dotted line. Information gaps need to be addressed with relevant information and insights that can change viewpoints and perspectives.

Read more of this interview with Mr B.S. Rathor, on the AIRDA website > CLICK HERE

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