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Sometimes, when you’re planning that annual vacation, it seems simpler to go to locations that you are familiar with – you know the location, the resort, the people. There’s a comfort level in all things that are familiar. But at a newer resort location you might discover a whole new experience – peace, quiet and freedom from crowds. Timeshare companies also feel the need to be present in newer geographies to give customers more holiday options. Newer locations can boost jobs and opportunities around new resorts, and can ease the load on other high traffic resorts.

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I must say that things are changing for the better. Resorts these days organize food festivals showcasing unique local fare, or popular desi cuisines from around the country. In most cases, resorts also customize menus for overseas guests arriving through timeshare exchange portals.

Another visible introduction is the inclusion of health foods in line with wellness programs. Menu options for vegetarians are also getting wider and more interesting – and that seems to be going down rather well.

And finally, when it comes to food, it’s important to serve it with a smile – almost makes it taste better, as I have seen.

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