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Feedback for timeshare sales teams

views-jan2016-ovian2Here’s a text clip from a recent Q&A interview with Venu Ovian, a leading coffee broker based in Bangalore. His feedback could help sales teams fine tune their interactions with customers – especially at sales presentations.

For any prospect there could be a hundred priorities in a queue – timeshare may or may not figure on that list. I agree, timesharing is an interesting vacation format but I might consider other priorities before adding ‘timeshare’ to my basket. Every customer knows when the time is right to nudge that purchase, and a sales person’s urgency won’t really speed things up. A sales presentation can sometimes put you in a spot in terms of sheer impact – but I am told AIRDA member resorts believe in fair play and are very ethical when it comes to a pitch. That should be a welcome relief to prospective customers.

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In January, I usually dedicate my message to holiday resolutions for the New Year. And this year I will make a renewed attempt at urging you to take a break – my concern here has a lot to do with work-life balance and the need to refresh body, mind and spirit.

I do hope many of you will view these as thought-starters, or prompts that will help you look at leisure time with the family as you go up the corporate ladder.

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