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Timeshare, now in many desi flavours

Over the years, we have seen many international product concepts being adapted to Indian markets and customer preferences. Timeshare is another example of how a whole new vacation format successful in Europe and America, gives vacation seekers in India something exciting to look forward to.


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When customers recall quality of service, they sometimes do not compare one timeshare resort with another – they compare timeshare resorts with regular hotels. This comparison is rather common, because customers do make observations during their stay at hotels and timeshare resorts.

So are hotels and timeshare resorts two sides of the same coin? Do customers perceive and difference in the product, services offered, and the overall experience? While there always will be a comparison between regular hotels and timeshare resorts, it is important to understand that the two business models are different. It’s like comparing apples and oranges when you’re looking at a fruit bowl.

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At the end of the day, every customer, every guest coming to your resort needs to experience that feeling of total comfort – a feeling of belonging. This alone can be a big challenge, because the hospitality industry has so many touch points in terms of service delivery – right from the moment a guest checks in, to the time he checks out.

When it comes to customer engagement these days, happy employees make happy customers. And happy customers come back for more.  Timeshare in India is still at that early part of the curve in terms of product awareness and acceptance. So picking the right people for the right jobs is most important.

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