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B. S. Rathor,  Advisor & Member – Executive Committee

India presents a geography with vast interiors, giving timeshare a wide canvas – especially at popular tourist locations. The timeshare industry has sought incentives linked with investments in popular locations that are driving a fair share of the traffic. In addition to propelling growth, timeshare can result in employment generation and the creation of small entrepreneurial opportunities within local communities. The ripple effect here is about three times the direct investment, according to a recent survey.

The concept of leisure holidays is increasingly becoming an annual event and almost falls into the category of “essential” things to do in the year. Under the AIRDA umbrella, I firmly believe we have a great product that is fast evolving with the needs of our customers. And being a lifestyle product, I also see growth linked to changes in lifestyle and rising disposable incomes.

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Message of the Month – March 2016

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Talking to Suresh Bajaj of Millennium Pools

A pool at a timeshare resort is not like a home pool – you need to factor in what we call “float loads” – that’s the average number of people in a pool at a given time.

Which means we need to plan breathing space, as well as multiple entry points to the pool in terms of step ladders. Today’s resort pools also need hard-wearing deck spaces and filtration plants that are capable of taking on more loads than a home pool. Add to this, very high standards in terms of design, visual appeal and deck furniture that goes along with the resort’s visual theme.

So, while a pool is an absolute essential for a timeshare resort, a wide range of customized solutions need to be considered along with project-specific design. These days there’s another factor that comes into play – resort owners ask for compliance with industry standards and specifications, which can have a clear bearing on quality, safety and efficiency.

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Q&A – March 2016

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Chuttiyon meing ghoomne chalenge

There’s a TV commercial by SBI Home Loans that’s being aired on YouTube, showing a young, seemingly middle class family in a slice of life setting. The young school going son comes home in his cricket gear almost in a heap of tears, saying his entire team was not available because they’ve gone on a holiday.

His little sister also chimes in with a holiday wish. The father then gladdens the children’s hearts saying he too would take them on a holiday – much to his wife’s surprise who knows that the family is weighed down with a home loan.

Though the final message and payoff is linked to a product promise, we found the treatment of this commercial interesting. We could see the logic of the strong creative platform that used peer pressure from family members to get a message across. With a “chuttiyon meing ghoomne chalenge,” storyline, this could just as well been a commercial from a timeshare company.

Another observation you can make here is the shift in family priorities and budget allocations. A holiday with the family is within the same “consider me” basket as a serious investment product. In a sense the leverage point is actually the end destination of the solution.

If a timeshare company took on this platform, interestingly, it would have the same long-term returns story line. Commercials reflect, in many ways, some of the scenarios that currently seem to occupy, or preoccupy the mind of today’s prospects.

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