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This month I narrate from a discussion I had with an extremely smart and intelligent entrepreneur from a prominent business house in Bangalore. I met Pankaj at an SME conference, during the lunch break.

My chat with him gave me a new take on doing business within close-knit communities, and how tradition dictated work and social interactions.

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Message of the Month – September 2016


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This month we look at one aspect in the decision making process that sometimes stalls and delays the decision to pick up a timeshare plan. It’s about the thoughts and concerns that play out in the prospect’s mind before he makes that final decision.

We spoke to a few current customers and asked them to recall the first thoughts and concerns that crossed their minds after the timeshare sales presentation – concerns that could get them to delay, or rethink their decision to pick up timeshare.

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Q&A – September 2016

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