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The whole concept here is to visually map and show that there is something for each family member – especially the children segment that is often ignored.

This is a nice, well produced video with interesting highlights.

Source: aruba vacations

Check out this link to see the freebies for children


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In my recent article in the Maharashtra Economic Development Council – Economic Digest on Tourism, I have attempted to look at tourism from different points of view. Current indicators, historical perspectives, potential for growth and an overview of trends. Sometimes it is useful to look back at the evolution of an industry that has made key contributions to economic growth.

Tourism is an activity is difficult to define and more difficult to comprehend in view of its multi-faceted profile. It is not a product nor a service but a rare blend of both or neither. In simple terms and as best understood, it is travel with an objective in mind. The objective can also be something you look forward to – be it leisure, business or other purposes.

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Message of the Month – March 2017

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These days you can obtain customer feedback from various sources. Social media, word-of-mouth, and of course your own internal forms handed out to guests. But printed forms rarely provide accurate or critical feedback – even when it is necessary, or justified. That’s why online forums are popular, especially on travel portals that assist bookings – these forums provide potential customers a fair idea of what people are saying about the hotel or resort.

Some of the feedback featured here has been drawn from comments submitted to popular travel portals. We have left out resort names, because featuring names is not the object of this article. It’s about being constructive about feedback – and following through with corrective action, where necessary.

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Q&A – March 2017

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