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Timeshare is not just about vacations – it’s about strengthening relationships, meeting new people and exploring new worlds – taking back fond memories of good times spent together. All this is possible because the timeshare format allows you to vacation in larger numbers, and enables carefully planned activities for varied age groups and interests.

So where do you go from here?

Believe me, this is a really good time to be in a timeshare plan, or invest in one. And I think I can take the liberty to state that AIRDA member resorts belong to the organized sector. We are governed by common rules and guidelines, we are answerable to customers in precisely the same kind of way with customer policies are virtually identical – though pricing plans may be different for each resort, depending on size, scale and level of operations.

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member – Executive Committee

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Message of the Month – May 2017

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The concept of timeshare has gained ground in markets such as Europe and the US – it is extremely popular among younger professionals who achieve a fair work-life balance. Especially those who are in the 28 to 38 age group, where you don’t have to sell the concept of an annual vacation.

To this audience, (and their families) timeshare offers a diverse range of activities and interests during their vacation week – in their home country, and exciting holiday destinations across the globe.

Timeshare is fast becoming the preferred holiday format in India as well – and more people are blocking days on their calendars than ever before. Just look at the photo and image shares on social media sites and you’ll see what a good time they’re having.

But like most hospitality domains, there is a need to widen the market and extend prospect reach. Which means checking on awareness levels of timeshare vacations and the benefits this format can offer you. So we asked the “man on the street” what he, or she understood from the phrase “timeshare”. Was it a bird, was it a bee, was it a butterfly? (Strangely the answers weren’t too far away from that…)

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Views & Interviews on the AIRDA website – May 2017

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