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In today’s digitally-wired world, stress is an unavoidable by-product. Everything you’re working on is wanted even before it is assigned to you. A lot of the time stress is about handling difficult people and unreasonable demands on time and resource. And there are times when you just don’t want to get out of bed, to face another day – especially if it’s one of those Monday mornings.

Over the last couple of weeks, we spoke to human resource professionals, counselors, and a whole bunch of employees about high-pressure environments at the workplace. We asked them about ways of navigating through stressful situations.

In this article, we share some useful nuggets that we managed to collect during these conversations.

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Over the years, timeshare resort managers and owners have worked at improving the product in all the ways they can. Basically to zero in on facilities and services that increase comfort levels, and widen the experience for customers and their families.

The experience mix as we like to call it, is the result of planned measures to make timeshare a preferred vacation format. A format that offers long term benefits and a dynamic, ever-changing skyline of travel hubs within AIRDA and our extended network.

Today, timeshare customers also get to experience vacation stays across the world through dedicated exchange portals in this space. And I’m happy to state that two of the best-known exchange portals are members of AIRDA, with some very exciting plans and offerings for timeshare customers in India.

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member – Executive Committee

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