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As someone who has handled research projects for AIRDA, I can visualize a crystal ball on timeshare. So in the future we could see  smaller resorts moving out as a result of getting absorbed by the bigger players. I also think we will see new entrants, new products and changing service experiences.

There could be a consolidation of the organized sector in the timeshare industry, but the pie will expand, grow and diversify in my opinion.

And If we’re wondering about growth, I think the key indicator here would be penetration of the timeshare industry. I’m referring to the proportion of the population using timeshare plans.

We may not be growing fast enough simply because of two concern areas. People these days are ready to spend and indulge here-and-now – which means a one-time holiday and not a timeshare vacation. (Their horizon is short term.) Next, let’s look at macroeconomic indicators – I see a dull picture here, which often makes consumers postpone bigger ticket spends. (Do I really need to make a financial commitment on a holiday plan? Do I need to make it this year, or now?)

Ashok R Sankethi is an MR veteran who set up Kaybase in 2005. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry, and works on projects that call for higher levels of research and analytics. He is on the teaching faculty at leading business schools, and sits on the doctoral committees of several Ph. D scholars. Along with his colleague Poornima Bhaskaran, Ashok has published a book called Kay’s Book of MR – which is the first book of case studies from an industry perspective. This book is now being used by faculty at over 15 business schools in the country.

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When someone young is looking at timeshare as something to explore, he is perhaps looking forward to the kind of holidays he would expect in the years to come. At least 25 years, if not more.

This story of mine is from the other end of the spectrum – a story that takes me across two decades and more. It is a story that prospective customers and buyers of timeshare will find interesting and useful. Because it gives them a frame of reference. Especially when it comes to making the best out of your timeshare week, year after year.

Those were the days . . .

When I first picked up a timeshare plan, the concept was still in its early years. There was early talk about exchange companies, and swapping your basic plan within India was still work in progress.

Even AIRDA was non-existent at that time, so you can imagine how early this concept was in the evolution curve. But I still recall the days fondly. We never missed a holiday and we used the resort location for all that it offered. A nice holiday setting, good food and other activities featured in the holiday framework at that time.

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Message of the Month – November 2017

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