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I like the changing portfolio of offerings from today’s resorts. Not too long ago, I guess a vacation only meant a cozy cottage with a view, or maybe a balcony overlooking a pool.

These days resorts are offering exciting outdoor activities, plantation visits, river rafting, hillside trekking and yes … some very interesting F&B options.

Timeshare is a holiday format that has a long, long calendar and it is nice to know that your membership is ticking long after you’ve paid your installments. I also love the idea of swapping your weeks through exchange companies. I guess this straight away opens your window to the big wide world of international timesharing.

Another key benefit according to me is the ability to vacation with your entire family – or extended family that includes in-laws and grandparents.

That is welcoming indeed.


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This was my first visit to Himachal Pradesh and I was looking forward to seeing a new state, as I believe each state in India has its own unique calling.

I was fortunate that I was at Kandaghat which is an offbeat destination and something that I personally relate to as a traveler.

The resort itself is nestled amidst the lower Himalayan range and it almost feels like it is in the midst of a hill range. Just like the location, the activities here have a lot to do with nature, like treks and more. I however enjoyed the bird watching here as I am a keen birder and was lucky to spot the red billed blue magpie for the first time.

The resort is designed aesthetically and looks like a palace with a nice white façade. Set within a landscape of blooming flowers, the resort never feels intrusive and blends with its surroundings quite seamlessly. In fact the myriad hued flowers and large variety of roses (in almost all colors) are a big attraction here.

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One of the biggest challenges in the hospitality industry is the management of innovation – and this can be difficult in more ways than one. Because anything NEW calls for facility expansion, and related investments to carry it forward.

There are two good examples that come to mind here. The first is Bliss for senior citizens from Mahindra Holidays. The second is G2G Amritsar from DJB Infrastructures and Developers.  We will feature other good examples of product innovation in the weeks and months to come.

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member – Executive Committee

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