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I must say that we had a really nice time – fortunately we had good friends in India who gifted us their weeks at a few timeshare resorts and helped organize a nice round-trip. This was a holiday that will be permanently etched in our minds. Overall, we found the standard of service to be good, and the food was excellent. We come from a predominantly wine growing area, and by our measure some of your Indian wines are pretty good.

Based on our experience in terms of staying at a timeshare resort, we found very little difference between a hotel in India and a timeshare resort – in terms of properties, quality of service, food and the little details that go into making it a pleasant, comfortable experience.

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Snapshots on Timeshare

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I often spend time talking to people at airports, malls and other public spaces about how they spend their free time. And these conversations are primarily done to bridge the generation gap. And maybe even learn how millennials work, play and take a welcome break when they need to.

Millennials are known to approach life and living differently. They have new-age professions and take on an amazing degree of work pressure. But when the time comes to let off steam, they readily embrace a well-deserved break – unlike many of my generation, who did not really think about work-life balance.

I analyzed my discussions with these youngsters with the objective of drawing out meaningful take-aways – for new customers and readers of this article. Each little take-away capsule is like a nugget of advice that can get you planning and thinking – a small survival kit of thoughts and feedback.

Be my guest.

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member – Executive Committee

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Message of the Month – July 2018

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Q – These days, holiday resorts are strategically located near sanctuaries. Does this make things convenient for travelers? How useful is this to widen the vacation experience?

A – Having a good resort near a sanctuary works out well in many ways. Because these resorts have their own panel of naturalists, who have years of experience and are excellent guides. It’s an opportunity to share magical moments with someone who understands the language of the jungle, even in the middle of the night.

National parks are not all about spotting the big cat – many resorts are now coming up with cycling tracks through buffer zones, tribal village trips, nature walks, star gazing, bush dinners, and sundowner sessions – experiences closer to nature. You can learn about flora and fauna, insects and birds – and you can learn about sustainable living. Especially in terms of how they process organic waste, and manage organic vegetable gardens. Importantly, it’s learning about being plastic-free and environment friendly. There are so many takeaways that you will experience, that one visit out here is not enough.

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Q&A – July 2018

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