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Check out this joint promotion Seniority has with Club Mahindra

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This story of mine has to do with feedback
, customer feedback at a hotel, resort, or maybe a home-stay location. (That little slip of paper where you have tick-boxes on service levels.) Some of these have smileys with different expressions – ranging from happy, to hopping mad.

And there are times when, out of sheer reflex action linked to a particular incident, we tend to award “minus” points to the resort, on ALL other counts. Though this is completely understandable, I would suggest that you take the broader, more considerate view.


B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member – Executive Committee

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Message of the Month – February 2019

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You have been in the hospitality industry for nearly four decades, how have things changed from a customer experience point of view? 

The industry has undergone a sea change since the time I started. The competition is huge and almost all the best brands are available right here in India. I must say here that the Indian traveler is also more evolved and has a knack of finding and knowing what’s best.

The facility design of our hotels is sleek and increasingly international. Hotels are also finding ways to utilize their public spaces when they are vacant. Moving to cuisine, quality standards here keep improving – and since many of the guests have experienced authentic international cuisine, they expect the same in our hotels.

At the end of the day, “sending back a delighted customer” is the objective of all hoteliers. Hence training plays a very important role to ensure the objective is achieved, and hotels have a steady stream of repeat customers.

All these changes have ensured that you’re at the top of your game all the time. There is absolutely no room here, for complacency.

From an interview with Param Kannampilly – Chairman and Managing Director of Concept Hospitality. A true visionary, Param is a formidable environment champion, with over 35 years of active involvement in the hospitality industry. He has been associated with hotel groups such as the Taj Group of Hotels, Spencer International Hotels Ltd, Fariyas Group, Leela Hotels, Rahejas, and The Orchid Group of Hotels. 

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Q&A – February 2019

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Every moment, a Sterling moment
Many moments in life deserve a special space. Like the off-site conferences, reunions and definitely your ‘big’ day. Our spaces provide banqueting facilities of different capacities in picturesque locations, with customized itineraries. With us, moments become cherished memories.

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