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Jayashree Bhat works as a Senior Manager, Data Management, at Syneos Health Limited. Currently single, she enjoys travelling and connecting with new people. On a vacation she particularly likes to understand and experience the culture, the customs and local flavors – yes, that combo can make things really special for her.

Jayashree has a Club Mahindra membership that she picked up in 2014, and over these five years she has criss-crossed the country on several vacations – some of them outside of the timeshare platform as well.

Along with her friends, Jayashree has been to some really exotic locations such as Ladakh, Saputara/Hatgad, Odisha, Tadoba-Pench, Egypt and Bandhavgadh. According to her, these vacations largely happened because her friends were doing all the planning and coordination – all she had to do was pack her bags and join the gang.

For the AIRDA content team, it was really interesting chatting with Jayashree, because here was someone who looked at travel as an interesting learning experience.

Talking to Jayashree Bhat of Mumbai
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Q&A – March 2019

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We live in such troubled times. Climate change, global warming, large scale dumping of plastic waste in our oceans. What has all of this got to do with your vacation calendar for the next 25 years? (Remember, you get a 25-year-calendar on your timeshare membership.)

Your resort may have nothing to do with all this, because the symptoms described above are part of a larger chain reaction. Pollutants floating in ocean waters will eventually wash up ashore – so there goes that picture-perfect beach holiday that you dreamed of. Plastic debris that sinks may be swallowed by the same fish that is served up at a beach shack – slice open your fried fish and you might find a bottle cap inside. Sounds unpalatable, and we do hope that does not happen to you. (But this is a scenario in-the-making and might soon happen at a beach near you.)

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member – Executive Committee

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Message of the Month – March 2019

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