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What are your feelings like when you’re heading back home, after a really nice vacation?

A good vacation rejuvenates me as nothing else does. No spa, no mall can come close to the feeling of absolute contentment I feel when I am away from the city and when I am one with nature. Of course, the moment I touch city limits after a good holiday, it’s a sinking feeling. The stress sets in immediately, and I know that until my next vacation I have to wake up to the sounds of incessant honking and traffic – rather than the melodious bird sounds and the pollution-free air that I miss so much. I call it the holiday hangover, and the only ‘fix’ that can help me get over it is another holiday. Most of the times, I cannot wait to simply pack my bags, load the camera, and leave.


Q&A: In conversation with Travel Blogger Shama Ahmed

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Q&A – May 2019

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This month we feature an interesting story that’s so much a part of every vacation seeker’s mind space – post-vacation blues. In our Q&A section, we talk to travel blogger Shama Ahmed about the various shades of post vacation blues, and ways to get over that empty feeling.

I’m sure you know what we are talking about here – it’s that dull hangover you might experience at the end of a vacation. Simply because we just don’t want the vacation to end.

So, what’s my own perspective on post-vacation blues? (And there’s some logical reasoning out here.) Each experience in life has a life cycle – which means there is a beginning and there is an end.  Even Sunday turns into Monday, and you will only see that weekend in your rear-view mirror.

B. S. Rathor
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Message of the Month – May 2019


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