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On the 30th of June, AIRDA lost one of its most inspired guiding lights. B.S. Rathor (fondly known as Anil) was a passionate campaigner for all that AIRDA stood for and meant, in India’s world of timeshare and vacation ownership.

For the team at AIRDA, he was our guide, mentor, sounding board, and yes, a friend you could shoot the breeze with – discussing ideas, content direction and the sensible way forward.

Anil was a key member of the think tank that laid the cornerstone for AIRDA, the organization. He also helped put in place the building blocks of a structure that was increasingly strong from within. Anil’s perspective here was visionary and his thinking was far-reaching. He also contributed a great deal to the defining aspects of what AIRDA set out to do in the industry and how it gained ground in terms of endeavor and achievement.

For the month of July, in our Message for the Month, we feature tributes and memories shared by the people Anil spent tireless days and countless hours with, to give AIRDA direction, purpose and a value proposition that was shared by resort members, stakeholders and other associates that joined its fold.

B. S. Rathor
Till recently, he was Advisor & Member on AIRDA’s Executive Committee

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Message of the Month – July 2019

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On the 30th of June, the world of vacation ownership lost one of its most passionate torch bearers. B.S. Rathor (fondly known as Anil) believed in timeshare as a product that could deliver genuine and long term benefits to customers who chose to become members of the organized section of the industry, represented by AIRDA and its members.

Keeping this in mind we thought we would feature a Q&A interview done with him in September 2010. (Especially since our Message of the Month too, is dedicated to tributes from professionals he has worked with in the industry.)

In this interview, he talks about timeshare from a vantage point – the product, the market and his own personal experiences of going on a holiday with the family on his personal membership.

Here is the interview taken from our archives. (click on link)

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