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Hello and welcome to our Message of the Month.

This month we feature an interesting story teller from the corporate world – Indranil Chakraborti. In his book, “Stories at Work”, we were delighted to find a story about a proactive staff member at a Mahindra Holidays resort in Coorg. This is a story from the world of vacation ownership, and one that we will remember for a long, long time.

Indranil believes that “stories” are more meaningful and have a better recall than a narration of facts and figures. Keeping this in mind, we talked to four young people about their holiday stories – especially those they remembered in a very special way.

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Message of the Month – September 2019

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Indranil Chakraborty has combined three qualities to pioneer business storytelling in India: a love for stories; the entrepreneurial bug; and two decades of experience in leading teams and driving change at top firms like Unilever, Tata Group and Mahindra & Mahindra.

His firm, StoryWorks, has helped organizations and leaders harness the power of stories to create and deliver impactful messages.

Since 2013, using the same approach outlined in Stories at Work, he has trained more than 2000 senior leaders in over thirty organizations, teaching them to be more effective in their communication. The firms he has worked with include Airtel, Accenture, Asian Paints, Barclays, Cognizant, GSK Pharma, HCL, ICICI Lombard, Infosys, PepsiCo, Philips, Roche, WNS and Unilever.

In this story we feature an extract from Indranil Chakraborty’s book – Stories at Work – where he talks about the new vision he had created along with his team for Mahindra Holidays. The vision was ‘to make every moment magical’ for members.

The expected behaviours were:
1. No room for ordinary (ordinary is not magical).
2. Experience is everything.
3. Make smiles.
4. Proud of our club.

Indranil also ran workshops designed to share Mahindra Holidays’s new vision and values with the company’s top 500 managers.

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Q&A – September 2019

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