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Courtesy: Papaya Films – India
We are all made of this earth. And our souls are connected to the spirit of this land, constantly reminding us that we are essentially one. Today, this essence of human experience is lost in our race to make ends meet. Pause… Look around… Listen… Let these mystical tales of the land and its people inspire us to be better human beings and responsible caretakers of the earth. Evolve. Back.

Orange County Resorts (now Evolve Back) is a member
of the All India Resort Development Association.

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#MaiPhirAunga. Listen to Ayushmann give voice to every Indian’s heart that wants to explore and rediscover India. Share an experience on your timeline, stories or tweets, that makes you go #MaiPhirAunga in your unique way and tag @CLUBMAHINDRA. You could win exciting prizes! Explore more at https://bit.ly/3gblfdD

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