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What’s a good time to venture out?

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Useful story on Ecotourism

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Travel makes her world go round


Manisha Roy is one of the most passionate travelers we have met on our Q&A sessions at AIRDA. She also leads from the front in the interest of independent women travelers, and says they need the active support of their families and spouses to go out and discover the world.

She says her husband Lalit Roy is a good example of being supportive. “He has given me total freedom and of course, the means to travel with my core group of friends. And our group has travelled the length and breadth of the country to discover divine paths, the romance of history, and nature at its beautiful best.

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Views & Interviews / January 2021 / Conversations with passionate traveller, Manisha Roy

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The Timeshare Crusader


Lisa Ann Schreier is the driving force behind The Timeshare Crusader – a blog dedicated to helping consumers through the myriad of confusing information, as well as working with forward thinking organizations to be a catalyst for positive change. She is the creative force behind International Timeshare Appreciation Day, held annually on November 1st.

Author of two best-selling books, Surviving A Timeshare Presentation – Confessions From The Sales Table and Timeshare Vacations For Dummies, she also co-authored the college-level textbook, An Introduction To Vacation Ownership Management.

Lisa was a regular speaker and contributor to the National Timeshare Owners Association and the Florida Timeshare Users Group – in addition to being a featured speaker hosting an innovative Ask The Owners segment at CRDA’s 2011 conference, as well as TATOC’s 2012 conference. Lisa also is a Guest Lecturer at several senior living facilities and recently taught a class on avoiding timeshare related scams in conjunction with the Center for Lifelong Learning in Celebration, Florida.

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Message of the Month / January 2021 / Interview with Lisa Ann Schreier

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Want to share your vacation stories?


Our Q&A section on the AIRDA website features interviews with vacation seekers, travel writers, photographers, and other professionals who are connected with the timeshare industry in some way. In the past, we have also featured timeshare customers from different age groups – our oldest is 94 years old and still looking forward to her next holiday. Our youngest was 13 when we spoke to him a few years ago – he is now considering rapid-river-rafting on his next holiday.

For our upcoming interviews we would like to feature stories from your previous vacations – especially with the pandemic slowing down or restricting our ability to travel. Do let us know if you have an observation to make, a story to share, or constructive feedback to offer.

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Views & Interviews / December 2020 / Want to share your story? 

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Sajini Janardhan is a key member of a product research team at one of the biggest and oldest corporate houses in India – she has been at this job for 35 long years. And she’s one of those who is serious about her work, and serious about her other passion – travel. So when her company announces a holiday list for the year, you can see Sajni with her planner and marker pens. She plans at least two vacations in a year, one within India and one outside the country. Her long weekends are for short budget trips, she says.

Sajni is interested in the history, architecture and the culture of places she plans to visit – and believes that knowledge is obtained through travel and interaction with people of different cultures and backgrounds.

As a freewheeling parent she has encouraged her two sons to travel extensively – making them tolerant towards other beings, being grateful for what they have, and understand their calling in life. Travel is a great learning experience, she says.

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Message of the Month / December 2020 / Sajni Janardhan

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It’s been nearly eight months since the pandemic situation put our lives on hold – and every week has been a test of our patience and survival skills. While this can be testing for individuals, AIRDA’s member resorts faced the never-before experience of coping with lockdowns.

Current efforts look to consolidation, and exploring ways to bring back member guests and customers – with all precautions taken to ensure safety protocols and best practices outlined for the hospitality industry.

In the last months of 2020, people will view 2021 as the forward-looking year for business and enterprise, a year of turnarounds. The world as we knew it has probably changed forever – but there’s always hope for survival, growth and consolidation.

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Views & Interviews / November 2020 / Young professionals look back at 2020

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Seeing the world, under a straw hat


Lalit Roy is the Founder Director of Raj & Roy Associates – a consultancy that sources and integrates kitchen equipment and restaurant accessories for 5-star kitchens, restaurant chains, and individual theme restaurants. According to Lalit, sourcing for the hospitality world calls for travel outreach to get the best value and pricing for customers – and can get complex when you’re dealing with hundreds of products, across individual service areas and unique verticals.

And travel for Lalit means exploring evolved markets in Europe, the US, and South East Asia. “Our aim here is to seek and source new product lines, concepts, and better ways of doing things,” says Lalit. “In the process we also want to build a network of reliable equipment suppliers.”

With all this overseas travel, does he have the time to take a break for a vacation? Yes, he does, because his wife Manisha takes over that responsibility and ensures that the family has the right work-life balance.

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Message of the Month / November 2020 / Conversations with Lalit Roy

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Ami Bhat is a post graduate in marketing by qualification and a travel blogger by passion. Besides travel, she enjoys photography, and if you don’t find Ami at her desk, she would be out playing badminton, or swimming, or just plain running – something that is required for her restless soul.

Besides her blog – www.thrillingtravel.in – Ami has been published in several websites and publications – including the Lonely Planet India, Huffington Post India and the Travel Café of Money Control. Her travel blog has been widely acclaimed as one of the top travel blogs in India, as well as internationally.

In this interview we chat with Ami about that certain thrill that she associates with travelling – whether it is real, or virtual. We also chat with her about her invitation by RCI to stay over at Sterling Holidays, Wayanad.

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Views & Interviews / October 2020 / Ami Bhat

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Armed with a diploma in hotel management, catering technology and applied nutrition, Suresh Babu started his career in the corporate kitchens of two star hotels – The Oberoi Hotel and Taj West End in Bangalore. The bottom rung when you start is hard, he says – but that’s the best way to make an entry into this wonderful world.

Suresh’s hard work took him right up the ladder – to the position of Corporate Executive Chef at Aloft Hotels belonging to Starwood Hotels & Resorts – the group has five properties – in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh. Other names in his work profile include Goldfinch Retreat, The Windflower Prakruthi Resort & Spa, Clarks Exotica Resort & Spa and Oakwood Premier Prestige in Bangalore. Suresh has also worked overseas, at the Grange Manor Hotel in Scotland. His most recent work position was General Manager at the Tamara Coorg, where he has done a long stint.

Going up the culinary ladder happened at the right times for Suresh, and he soon found himself at the crossroads of career advancement. Should he stay within the four walls of a corporate kitchen, or cross over to sales, marketing and management? Coincidentally, an opportunity came his way and made the decision for him.

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Message of the Month / October 2020 / Suresh Babu

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