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Pramod Panvalkar is the CEO of Supriya Associates – an IT consulting firm specializing in business consulting, business analytics, customer relationship management and ERP.

Pramod’s interests include reading, cricket, travel, music, movies … and blogging (he has over 800 posts in his feed.) We reached out to him after reading a very interesting feature he did on his Club Mahindra holiday in Kodagu – he has been a member for over 10 years.

When Pramod talks about vacations and taking a break from work, he illustrates “happiness” in a very interesting way. “I feel that all other things being okay, nature is the best therapy to bring joy out of us. If we assign a score out of ten, nature could get a 10/10.”

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World of Airda / August 2021

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This story is about travel, and what inspires Rajesh to take a break from work and head out with his Theera Ulaa team. He says he has been to 25 states in India and wants young people to escape from the four walls of their cubicles to experience the world outside and the beauty of travel.

 “Theera Ulaa” is an interesting phrase meaning your ‘never-ending journey’. And that is what we want life to be like for you – to meet new people, discover new places and experience new cultures.

And it all began during our college days when we first discovered our wings – ours was a small group of friends who were like-minded and consumed by wanderlust. We started operations as a travel advisory using the online video format; soon we wanted to add useful content and information. (Everything someone would want to know without calling a travel agent.)

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World of Travel / August 2021

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