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Mina Tilakraj is an independent tourism professional who looks at travel and life from a different dimension and perspective. She describes herself as a storyteller guide of India, and promoter of tourism for global goodwill and understanding. She is currently the only Travelism Expert in the country. Starting off as a licensed tour guide over three decades ago, she graduated on to become a tour manager and later an itinerary designer.

She is also an inspirational speaker, welcoming you to travel with her to discover and experience the wonders of the ‘outer’ and your ‘inner’ world at the same time – a journey that will enhance your world view and help you meet your real inner self – the wonderful ‘Incredible & Absolute You’!

On the travel front, she welcomes you to a world of memorable experiences in the country and discover the true spirit of ‘India beyond books’ – on road-trips, story tours, spiritual tours and pioneer tours.

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World of Travel / September 2021

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Working towards a world of difference

At MHRIL, sustainability and being eco-friendly go hand-in-hand against a backdrop of ecological initiatives – with a clear commitment to achieving higher standards in energy-efficiency.

MHRIL is India’s first hospitality company to join the ranks of global RE100 and EP100 initiatives. The RE100 initiative brings together inspired and influential business leaders that are committed to 100% renewable electricity – by 2050 at the latest. Organizations joining this initiative set public goals to source their electricity entirely from renewable sources, and commit to disclosing their data annually.

We have also pledged to join EP100 – an energy campaign that works with businesses to commit to doubling their energy productivity and maximize the output from each unit of energy used. 

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World of Airda / September 2021


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