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Step One: Don’t look for cosmetics – look for a bag that survives. If you’re packing a carry-on, make sure it complies with your airline’s carry-on rules, because they are constantly changing the rules on baggage allowance, bag profile sizes, and permitted weights.

There is no ideal cabin bag. A soft duffel bag can be handy because it is squishy and can easily fit into the overhead locker, or stowed under a seat. Soft luggage is made of waterproof hard-wearing nylon material and comes with sturdy zippers and washable nylon lining. Pick a bag with smooth-rolling wheels that are noiseless. Hard-case luggage is available in several base-material options – polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, or lightweight polycarbonate. Newer flexi-rigid materials are also increasingly being used to make the bag lightweight, yet sturdy.

A good brand will give you a wide range of soft and hard luggage options, though I prefer soft luggage because it survives a soft landing better when tossed around during loading or unloading operations.

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Sterling Holiday Resorts, one of India’s leading leisure hospitality brands, won a prestigious award at the Tamil Nadu Tourism Awards event conducted recently in Chennai. Sterling Ooty – Elk Hill was awarded the ‘Best Themed Resort’ under the Best Accommodation Category. Sterling Ooty – Elk Hill was the sole winner in the category.

The awards were presented by Dr. M. Mathiventhan, Hon’ble Minister of Tourism.

The first edition hosted on September 27, 2022 will soon be an annual event where other tourism stakeholders will also be recognized for their contribution to the development of the tourism sector in the state. This year, the list of recipients included operators, airlines, accommodation units, restaurants, guides and other related tourism enterprises.

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