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In our March Q&A feature we shared tips on packing your bags when you go on a vacation – look at this cartoon again and you’ll see what worried looking couples talk about when they set off on a holiday.

Our feature story is on what you need to keep in mind even before you start packing your bags. We share a compilation of tips and guidelines you can consider that will ensure peace of mind and a feeling of total control over the situation.

Take a look and you’ll see how this cartoon makes total sense, in a funny sort of way 🙂


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What I find absolutely shocking is the amount of litter we can generate – especially on vacation. Cigarette butts, water bottles, biscuit & chocolate wrappers, empty foil packs, paper plates, food remnants – the list goes on and on.

On a forest or cross-country trek for instance, we need to carry along a convenient dump bag with us that can contain litter the group typically generates – each one of us could also carry our own individual dump bags if that can make things simpler. I’ve seen litter being dropped from tourist boats along picturesque stretches of river – and this tends to
float or even sink to be swallowed by fish. (And that spins off a whole new set of problems . . .)

Manoj Keshav, IT professional

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Let’s keep our vacation spaces clean


This image sourced from pixabay.com
https://pixabay.com/en/garbage-plastic-waste- waste-2416624/


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Packing your holiday bags is not as simple picking sets of clothing for each day you’re on vacation. You need to plan what goes into your bags – depending on destination, holiday season and what your resort guide recommends. Most of the time we don’t really look at the “guideline” mails sent to us by customer assistance, because we just don’t have the time. But that’s where things can go wrong.

A beach side location for instance would call for shorts, tees, Bermudas and flip flops as your move around clothes. A jungle lodges location on the other hand would call for something that’s trendy but close to army camouflage clothing, if you want to call it that. Of course what season you have in mind would also be a prime consideration. A summer vacation would call for something summery, and a winter vacation would likewise get you pulling out some woollies.

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Views & Interviews on the AIRDA website – August 2017

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I must say that things are changing for the better. Resorts these days organize food festivals showcasing unique local fare, or popular desi cuisines from around the country. In most cases, resorts also customize menus for overseas guests arriving through timeshare exchange portals.

Another visible introduction is the inclusion of health foods in line with wellness programs. Menu options for vegetarians are also getting wider and more interesting – and that seems to be going down rather well.

And finally, when it comes to food, it’s important to serve it with a smile – almost makes it taste better, as I have seen.

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Just take a look at these interesting feature interviews with timeshare resort owners, timeshare customers and other stakeholders, to get a pulse of this vibrant industry that’s changing the way you go on a vacation, with your family.


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