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Lisa Ann Schreier is the driving force behind The Timeshare Crusader – a blog dedicated to helping consumers through the myriad of confusing information, as well as working with forward thinking organizations to be a catalyst for positive change. She is the creative force behind International Timeshare Appreciation Day, held annually on November 1st.

Author of two best-selling books, “Surviving A Timeshare Presentation – Confessions From The Sales Table” and “Timeshare Vacations For Dummies.” Also co-authored the college-level textbook, “An Introduction To Vacation Ownership Management.”

Regular speaker and contributor to the National Timeshare Owners Association and the Florida Timeshare Users Group. Featured speaker at CRDA’s 2011 conference, as well as TATOC’s 2012 conference. Guest lecturer, each semester at the University of Central Florida.

Member of North American Travel Journalists Association. Contributor to AllExperts.com. Lead Timeshare Advocate on Elliott.org, and monthly contributor to Senior.com.

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Views & Interviews on the AIRDA website – October 2017


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Vikram Nanjappa is a multi-faceted individual with vast experience in fields that can be clubbed under one relevant header – “outdoors”. He is an able administrator, leader, team builder, and a reputed naturalist, writer and photographer. Vikram likes to be described as a well-informed amateur who is interested in the world around him.

He is presently working in the marketing department of Evolve Back (formally Orange County).

Here is Vikram Nanjappa on his stint as a Freelance Naturalist, Writer and Photographer – writing on wildlife and nature for magazines?

This was an interesting period in my work life. For the first time I was freelancing and found myself with a bit of free time (there does not seem to be much for a demand for a writer on wildlife) and therefore decided to pursue my other interests.
If you ask me to mention the photographers who influenced me the most or whose works I used to admire in my younger years, one name springs to mind – Hugo Van Lawick and David Hamilton. I had just spent the last seven years photographing wildlife and emulating, at least in my imagination, the works of Hugo Van Lawick and suddenly I was presented an opportunity to learn the art of David Hamilton.

I promptly joined a fashion photography course in Bangalore to learn the basics of the genre. No one would dare least of me, to describe David Hamilton as a ‘fashion’ photographer, but I needed to know the technicalities and the thought process that went into fashion/ glamour photography before I could attempt anything in the style David Hamilton.

While I cannot lay claim to much success in this venture I certainly did get a good understanding of the technicalities and did get some good results. I hope to return and complete my journey sometime in the future. A few of us (a model, another photographer, two stylists and a makeup artist) got together and did a few fashion shoots which was great fun.

Here’s Vikram talking to the content team at AIRDA in an exclusive interview >

Q&A with Vikram Nanjappa

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In today’s digitally-wired world, stress is an unavoidable by-product. Everything you’re working on is wanted even before it is assigned to you. A lot of the time stress is about handling difficult people and unreasonable demands on time and resource. And there are times when you just don’t want to get out of bed, to face another day – especially if it’s one of those Monday mornings.

Over the last couple of weeks, we spoke to human resource professionals, counselors, and a whole bunch of employees about high-pressure environments at the workplace. We asked them about ways of navigating through stressful situations.

In this article, we share some useful nuggets that we managed to collect during these conversations.

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Views & Interviews on the AIRDA website – July 2017

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Enable Travel wants people with disabilities to live a life of “equal opportunities” – just like other normal people who are bitten by the travel bug. They have the same desire to travel and to breathe in new experiences – only to draw a blank when it comes to accessible travel information, accessible transport and hotels planned around the needs of disabled guests. Add to this, people’s indifferent and sometimes pitying attitudes towards disabled travelers – which only make things worse.

With a national footprint across 15 cities, we aim to address travel-related concerns of people-with-disabilities and provide end-to-end solutions.We curate itineraries to destinations that are barrier-free and offer services that help make travel and vacationing easier.

Everything from first aid and ambulance services, to hospitals enroute has been taken care of. For travelers and their families back home, it’s reassuring to know that help is always one phone call away.

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Views & Interviews on the AIRDA website – June 2017

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These days you can obtain customer feedback from various sources. Social media, word-of-mouth, and of course your own internal forms handed out to guests. But printed forms rarely provide accurate or critical feedback – even when it is necessary, or justified. That’s why online forums are popular, especially on travel portals that assist bookings – these forums provide potential customers a fair idea of what people are saying about the hotel or resort.

Some of the feedback featured here has been drawn from comments submitted to popular travel portals. We have left out resort names, because featuring names is not the object of this article. It’s about being constructive about feedback – and following through with corrective action, where necessary.

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Q&A – March 2017

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Pratap J is a landscape and travel photographer from Bangalore, India. He loves shooting in the great outdoors of India – a country so vast that he thinks one lifetime is not sufficient to cover the length and breadth of the country. An engineer by education and profession, Pratap J works hard to balance his hobby and day job. His weekends are almost always dedicated to photography and travel. When he is not living off a backpack, he is mentoring other photography enthusiasts in a classroom or in the field.

Pratap loves to write about the places he visits in detail. He has been blogging at http://www.pixelshooter.net since 2006. His articles are a documentation of his experiences and also offer readers information about popular travel destinations. Combined with his stunning photography, the website is source of high quality content for travel enthusiasts.

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Q&A – February 2017

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Coming back to India

Gerhard and Beate Schreiber came on a long planned holiday to India – they were coming back after 35 years, which is a long, long time. This endearing German couple has fond memories of their first holiday in the country, and always looked forward to coming back to retrace their first vacation trail and revisit familiar tourist spots.

According to Gerhard, India seems like a country that has moved into a whole new era. I can see progress, I can see advancement and I can see a whole new pace in terms of lifestyles, architecture, entertainment, sport and travel.

For us, it was like an experience that can be described as back to the future.

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Q&A – January 2017

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