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One of the companies who want to deal with these is the RedWeek.com, the largest timeshare marketplace.

Recently, it partnered with the Timeshare Crusader, Lisa Ann Schreier, to further awareness of and education about timesharing. Schreier on the other hand, is the founder and director of Timeshare Insights, a consumer consulting and education organization, and the author of several timeshare books.

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MyTimeShareAttorney.com announced today that victims of timeshare misrepresentations are eligible for a Free Attorney Consultation.  With all the marketing hype and high-pressure sales tactics being deployed by the timeshare industry, consumers need somewhere to get non-information.  MyTimeshareAtorrney.com is providing Florida residents and non Florida residents who purchased timeshares located in Florida, a Free Consultation for simply filling out their online questionnaire.

Attorney Susan Budowski, a Child Advocate for Abused and Neglected Children recently added Timeshare Advocacy to her law practice. “After listening to the heartbreak and sadness of couples and individuals who agreed to a “sales presentation” and ended up timeshare owners.  They had no intention, plans and many, even the financial where with all to complete the transaction, yet they are now “Timeshare Owners”.

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Read this article in the Daytona Beach News Journal to find out:

With the school year winding down, families are thinking about summer — and family vacations.

But along with those vacation plans come scam artists who are also plotting and planning ways to scheme their way into the wallets of consumers.

The National Consumers League recently released a consumer alert highlighting different vacation and travel scams consumers should be aware of. The scams include…

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Do the costs add up?

An informative article that we came across on http://www.msnbc.com

Extra fees add up fast, so that the time to read the fine print

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So Tweet!

Timeshare Rescue, a leading timeshare acquisitions company has launched a Twitter page for media and client updates.

Timeshare Rescue has launched a Twitter site located at http://twitter.com/TimeshareRescue. The purpose of the site is to keep clients, employees, and people involved in the timeshare industry abreast of up to the day news and information on Timeshare Rescue and the overall timeshare industry.

More on this news here

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Timeshare Myths Unravelled

Is Timeshare a financial investment?

Is “Timeshare resale” value worthless”

More about such issues unravelled here, for your information & reading

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People taking their children with them on a timeshare vacation should ensure they start preparations early if they are to keep their kids happy on the way, an expert asserts.

So says Gary Pope, managing director of Kids Industries.

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