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David Gillbanks, publisher of the The “Good Tourism” BlogWhat is The “Good Tourism” Blog all about? (What moved, or inspired you to start it?)

There are all sorts of buzz-words and buzz-phrases being bandied about the chattering class of the tourism industry: sustainability, responsibility, sustainable tourism, responsible travel, accessibility, accessible tourism, tourism impact, community-based tourism, inclusive growth, inclusive tourism, regenerative tourism, ecotourism, nature-based tourism. (There could be many more!)
The “Good Tourism” Blog is about all of that and more. Whatever good tourism means to you, there will likely be some content there for you. And if there isn’t, you are invited to submit a “Good Tourism” insight, or request someone to write a relevant piece for us.

David Gillbanks,
publisher of the The “Good Tourism” Blog

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Message of the Month – January 2020

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Dr Sheelwant Patel has been an insurance man, a forester, an environmentalist, and a researcher. He has sold insurance for five years and been forester for thirty-three. Dr Patel has climbed hills, stalked killer elephants in jungles, and stayed over at many a haunted house in the Himalayas.

A docudrama he wrote has won him a national award for the best documentary. He lives in Mumbai with his wife and two amazing children with equally fulfilling professions. (One is an animator, and the other is a filmmaker.)

As Chief Conservator of Forests in Bengal, I was looking after the forests of northern West Bengal that are prime elephant habitats. This region contains five sanctuaries, three national parks, and has 14 elephant corridors that are notorious for being the terrain of the most intense human-elephant conflicts in South East Asia. I must add here that Jaldapara and Gorumara in the region are famous for rhinos.

We did organize safaris – in vehicles, in bullock carts, and on elephant back – but jungle treks being unsafe for tourists, we forbid them – especially as the visibility is no more than 10-15 meters in these dense evergreen forests.

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Message of the Month / December 2019

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How is the AIRDA community useful for new members?

AIRDA comes in as your industry partner, conscience keeper and business catalyst – with a wide portfolio of support services. The big thing to remember here is that AIRDA is not like a big brother giving you advice – you become a member of a community of like-minded players. And you have some really big players out here who are playing a lead role and showing you the way.

From a larger industry perspective, AIRDA plays the role of a neutral body – aiming to facilitate the smooth functioning of the vacation ownership industry in India. We operate within an ecosystem that we call the organized sector of the timeshare industry.

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Message of the Month / November 2019

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Image Source: Public Domain Pictures on pexels.comThis article can be a useful frame of reference during the sales presentation that all new and prospective customers are invited to. This is where you get an opportunity to ask questions and seek assistance in choosing the right kind of vacation ownership package.

At the end of the presentation we advise you to ask the sales team to show you a very important document – the Sales Disclosure Document. This document helps you understand the roles and responsibilities of resort owners, and what you need to do to keep your membership valid during the contract period.

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Message of the Month / October 2019

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Hello and welcome to our Message of the Month.

This month we feature an interesting story teller from the corporate world – Indranil Chakraborti. In his book, “Stories at Work”, we were delighted to find a story about a proactive staff member at a Mahindra Holidays resort in Coorg. This is a story from the world of vacation ownership, and one that we will remember for a long, long time.

Indranil believes that “stories” are more meaningful and have a better recall than a narration of facts and figures. Keeping this in mind, we talked to four young people about their holiday stories – especially those they remembered in a very special way.

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Message of the Month – September 2019

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On the 30th of June, AIRDA lost one of its most inspired guiding lights. B.S. Rathor (fondly known as Anil) was a passionate campaigner for all that AIRDA stood for and meant, in India’s world of timeshare and vacation ownership.

For the team at AIRDA, he was our guide, mentor, sounding board, and yes, a friend you could shoot the breeze with – discussing ideas, content direction and the sensible way forward.

Anil was a key member of the think tank that laid the cornerstone for AIRDA, the organization. He also helped put in place the building blocks of a structure that was increasingly strong from within. Anil’s perspective here was visionary and his thinking was far-reaching. He also contributed a great deal to the defining aspects of what AIRDA set out to do in the industry and how it gained ground in terms of endeavor and achievement.

For the month of July, in our Message for the Month, we feature tributes and memories shared by the people Anil spent tireless days and countless hours with, to give AIRDA direction, purpose and a value proposition that was shared by resort members, stakeholders and other associates that joined its fold.

B. S. Rathor
Till recently, he was Advisor & Member on AIRDA’s Executive Committee

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Message of the Month – July 2019

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Hello and welcome to my Message of the Month.

This month we feature a very unusual story in our Q&A feature. We feature someone who has been to a Club Mahindra resort almost every year, for the last ten years – not as a first level customer, but as a family member coming in as a guest. For all practical purposes he is a regular “consumer” of a fast-evolving timeshare marketplace.

Looking closer at the narrative, it certainly makes you think.

It can make you think about consumer profiles in a rather different way. It’s not just our primary customers who have something to share in terms of a first-hand experience of the merits and benefits of timeshare. Their guests and other family members are equally qualified to share opinions, feedback and tell stories about the wonderful time they had at the resort. (They will also have photos and videos to take back as memories, and to showcase all the good times.)

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member – Executive Committee

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Message of the Month – June 2019

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