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Courtesy: Papaya Films – India
We are all made of this earth. And our souls are connected to the spirit of this land, constantly reminding us that we are essentially one. Today, this essence of human experience is lost in our race to make ends meet. Pause… Look around… Listen… Let these mystical tales of the land and its people inspire us to be better human beings and responsible caretakers of the earth. Evolve. Back.

Orange County Resorts (now Evolve Back) is a member
of the All India Resort Development Association.

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I am so pleased these days when I hear of activities centered around responsible tourism and eco-friendly practices. What was for years seen as just “bringing in the numbers” is now bringing with it the responsibility of restoring the natural ecological balance of tourist locations. So while you welcome tourists with open arms, you also need to embrace eco-friendly measures down the value chain.

After all these years, having seen the world go round in this industry, it’s reassuring to find resorts seeking linkages with native environments – working towards nurturing and conserving local eco-systems.

While the hospitality industry needs to be the prime mover here, we also need to raise awareness among vacation seekers. They need to be on the same page in a participatory kind of way. (I don’t own run or run the resort, but I can be responsible for my actions during my stay.)

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member – Executive Committee

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Message of the Month on the AIRDA website – August 2017

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Over the years, timeshare resort managers and owners have worked at improving the product in all the ways they can. Basically to zero in on facilities and services that increase comfort levels, and widen the experience for customers and their families.

The experience mix as we like to call it, is the result of planned measures to make timeshare a preferred vacation format. A format that offers long term benefits and a dynamic, ever-changing skyline of travel hubs within AIRDA and our extended network.

Today, timeshare customers also get to experience vacation stays across the world through dedicated exchange portals in this space. And I’m happy to state that two of the best-known exchange portals are members of AIRDA, with some very exciting plans and offerings for timeshare customers in India.

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member – Executive Committee

More on this story at the link below >
Message of the Month on the AIRDA website – July 2017

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One of the companies who want to deal with these is the RedWeek.com, the largest timeshare marketplace.

Recently, it partnered with the Timeshare Crusader, Lisa Ann Schreier, to further awareness of and education about timesharing. Schreier on the other hand, is the founder and director of Timeshare Insights, a consumer consulting and education organization, and the author of several timeshare books.

Full report here.

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MyTimeShareAttorney.com announced today that victims of timeshare misrepresentations are eligible for a Free Attorney Consultation.  With all the marketing hype and high-pressure sales tactics being deployed by the timeshare industry, consumers need somewhere to get non-information.  MyTimeshareAtorrney.com is providing Florida residents and non Florida residents who purchased timeshares located in Florida, a Free Consultation for simply filling out their online questionnaire.

Attorney Susan Budowski, a Child Advocate for Abused and Neglected Children recently added Timeshare Advocacy to her law practice. “After listening to the heartbreak and sadness of couples and individuals who agreed to a “sales presentation” and ended up timeshare owners.  They had no intention, plans and many, even the financial where with all to complete the transaction, yet they are now “Timeshare Owners”.

Full story here.

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Interesting article:

What to watch for when buying distressed debt on timeshare and developments.

Full article here

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Perspective Magazine, the leading monthly publication for the shared ownership industry has again created another industry first – a standalone social networking platform based on the most popular features of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all on one site.

Perspective Forums (http://www.perspectiveforums.com) has been created to encourage communication between developers, marketers and suppliers of the timeshare and fractional ownership industry on a global scale providing opportunities for forging new alliances and collaborations, discuss pertinent issues and learn what’s currently working best in the sales and marketing arena.

With features that include creating or joining and participating in groups and forums, extended profiles, adding friends, avatar and gravatar enabled, email notifications, rss feeds for favourite topics, private messaging, status updates, member directories and blogs included in the first release alone, the site is expected to become a smash hit with industry professionals looking to network with others in their marketplace.

“We created this free to use networking platform to encourage our extensive magazine readership to interact with each other and discuss useful topics relating to our industry” Said Paul Mattimoe, CEO, Perspective International. “With all content site-wide exclusively related to the shared ownership industry, we expect it to become popular, and as it grows will add even more functionality to remain at the forefront of available technology.”

Perspective Magazine is no stranger to industry firsts – they were the first to create an independent global industry publication, the first of the shared ownership industry publications to adopt page turn technology for their digital editions, the first to adopt front cover sponsorship for unrivalled exposure of select clients and the first to offer a suite of online advertising and branding free of charge to its advertisers.

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The big escape?

Timesharescape, a California based company that assists dissatisfied timeshare owners free themselves of the financial burdens associated with timeshare ownership, announced it will offer free timeshare owner information seminars in 8 additional states.

From here ( Source: http://www.pr.com )

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Marriage of minds

Jason Tremblay at http://www.timeshareauthority.com has reported on the new collaboration between the Canadian & American Resort Development Associations

CRDA (the Canadian Resort Development Association) and ARDA (the American Resort Development Association) have now joined forces in a new working relationship. Both professional organizations are dedicated to the betterment of the timeshare and vacation ownership industries, advancing policy, standards, and opportunities.

CRDA identifies its goal as a timeshare association as being, “… to encourage and maintain a high standard of ethical conduct throughout the industry, and to assist in the education of Canadian industry members toward an enhanced standard of professionalism.”

Full report here

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ARDA’s 2009 Fall Conference

All roads for resort industry folk lead to The Fairmont Hotel in Washington DC for ARDA’s 2009 Fall Conference scheduled today to Nov 6th.

Keep checking back here and we’ll share news of what transpired at the conference for you!

For your info, here’s the program schedule. (Source: ARDA website)

More further reading on this event, click here ( Clara Rose @ Examiner.com)

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