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In this interview, we talk to Santosh about using 360-degree panoramas for the hospitality industry. Ongoing developments in enhancing customer experience are changing the ways people interact with marketers in physical and virtual environments. And technology enhanced platforms are shaping customer experiences and adding value to the purchase journey.

Justin Santosh – Founder, Intellimedia Digital Solutions

The need to enhance customer experience is bringing about new ways to interact with people in physical and virtual environments. If you compare older formats with emerging technologies, you will see an immersive pivot point in 360-degree panoramas – you’re almost there, with the ability to look around you. (As opposed to looking at still images or linear video footage.)

In the 360-degree interface, users can actually look around “anywhere” they want to, either by using a head set, moving their phones around, or by simply dragging the panoramas on a laptop, mobile device or smart TV, using the remote.

Using navigation controls, you can explore visual panoramas both horizontally and vertically. It is this perspective that takes the experience right up the immersive quality scale. Which means you can actually go deep sea diving or take a spacewalk side-by-side with an astronaut – instead of just watching it like an episode on TV.

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Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, the resort gives you a panoramic view of the Jim Corbett National Park and the Ramganga river. Sterling Corbett is the perfect escape for nature lovers – you can wake up to the birds singing, langurs calling and the river gurgling. A walk around the property is ideal for bird watching.

Sterling Corbett

The resort has 42 well-appointed rooms and additionally, cottages that offer scenic views. If the weather gives you an all-clear signal, you can watch the stars come out at night. Come feel the rhythm of the jungle by spending a few days at Sterling Corbett – the wildlife safari is something we don’t want you to miss.

We also offer Sterling ‘CARES’ – a 360-degree comprehensive sanitization and hygiene program in association with Apollo Clinics to ensure the highest standards at the resort. This includes (and is not limited to) protocols designed around guest safety and hygiene – covering all public spaces and digital menus, for example. Safety, reinforced by contactless welcome experiences and a fully vaccinated team.

Stay with Sterling Corbett and you will come back for more. It is also the ideal choice for meetings, reunions, weddings, conferences and events. Our spacious venue options, large lawns and pre-function areas ensure adequate social distancing measures.

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