This was my first visit to Himachal Pradesh and I was looking forward to seeing a new state, as I believe each state in India has its own unique calling.

I was fortunate that I was at Kandaghat which is an offbeat destination and something that I personally relate to as a traveler.

The resort itself is nestled amidst the lower Himalayan range and it almost feels like it is in the midst of a hill range. Just like the location, the activities here have a lot to do with nature, like treks and more. I however enjoyed the bird watching here as I am a keen birder and was lucky to spot the red billed blue magpie for the first time.

The resort is designed aesthetically and looks like a palace with a nice white façade. Set within a landscape of blooming flowers, the resort never feels intrusive and blends with its surroundings quite seamlessly. In fact the myriad hued flowers and large variety of roses (in almost all colors) are a big attraction here.

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Q&A – April 2018


One of the biggest challenges in the hospitality industry is the management of innovation – and this can be difficult in more ways than one. Because anything NEW calls for facility expansion, and related investments to carry it forward.

There are two good examples that come to mind here. The first is Bliss for senior citizens from Mahindra Holidays. The second is G2G Amritsar from DJB Infrastructures and Developers.  We will feature other good examples of product innovation in the weeks and months to come.

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member – Executive Committee

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Message of the Month – April 2018

I think the timeshare vacation format is great time-tested format. I also think that it has not met its full potential. Timeshare needs to move into the exclusive segment. Allow me to explain further – currently, timeshare properties are usually large properties with a correspondingly large user base. In the future, the timeshare model needs to be applied to smaller properties.

It would be great to have a small selection of properties that can be shared as vacation homes by a small circle of like-minded people. This is what I mean when I say ‘exclusive’. I remember during my childhood, companies used to own ‘Guest Houses’ that could be used by their employees and their families with prior bookings, right through the year. This is the concept that needs to be extended into future timeshare plans and offerings. I can almost see it happening.

Vikram Nanjappa is presently working in the marketing department of Evolve Back (formally Orange County). He is an able administrator, leader, team builder, and a reputed naturalist, writer and photographer.


In one of our earlier features we shared tips on packing your bags when you go on a vacation – this month our feature story is on what you need to keep in mind even before you start packing your bags. We share a compilation of tips and guidelines you can consider that will ensure peace of mind and a feeling of total control over the situation.

We’ve heard of instances where the husband asks the wife some really “too-late-to-answer” questions. Did you switch off the lights in the bedroom? Did you turn off the TV? Did we roll down the garage door and sling a lock? (The questions go on and on, and can bring on worry lines even before you even reach your destination.)

So, we thought we would compile a list of tips that should come in useful – please make a mental note of these suggestions, or take a print out for easy reference. These tips come to you from people who are in related fields when it comes to customer advice and support.

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Q&A – March 2018

At some of the trade conferences attended by us, we are often asked about the roles we play at AIRDA in India’s timeshare space. People also want to know about purpose, scope, reach and operating canvas – this is understandable, because the basic role played by AIRDA is not widely understood.

First of all, we are a self regulatory body. An association of like-minded resort owners and stakeholders with common goals, and a clearly defined approach to the customer. One of our core objectives is about being fair, transparent, and extending fair value to timeshare customers.

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member – Executive Committee

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Message of the Month – March 2018