If you’ve always wondered how members of your family can be on the same page on a holiday calendar, please read on – you’re not alone, when it comes to aligning everyone’s free time in the year.

Planning a holiday these days is a lot more than finding a free slot on your home resort website – within your preferred week / month in the year. It’s got to do with coinciding vacation time at school, and when your boss can allow you to take a break during the year. For others, even aligning dates between spouses is a big challenge. We have even come across people finding it difficult to go on a vacation because of elderly parents, or grandparents at home, or a pet that can’t be taken with you on a holiday.

At the end of the day, it’s about going on that vacation totally guilt-free, or worrying about things back home or at the office. So let’s talk to a few vacation seekers and listen to their side of the story. Each one of these people has a different story to tell .

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Q&A – January 2018


Looking back at the concept of going on a vacation, a lot has changed over the years.

Well, how much have things changed?

To answer that question, I need to go way back in time – to my teenage years, when I accompanied my parents on holidays, or long-distance family visits. These long-distance family visits were vacations in themselves and you really wanted to take back some memories with you.

Those days, one of the most popular carry-around cameras was the Kodak Brownie box camera – really ancient by today’s standards. You loaded a reel of black & white film that gave you 12 frames, I think. So you really had to be careful about natural lighting and composition – because you couldn’t waste a single frame.

The roll then went to a b&w development studio for processing and prints. The long wait for your prints to arrive was nerve-racking, because the process was tedious and time consuming. So if you were really hoping that your picture in front of the Taj came out right, all you could do was hope for the best.

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Q&A – December 2017

I’ve been asked this question time and again and each time I attempt to answer it, I launch into a different story. So, will there be newer travel and vacation formats in the years to come? A tricky question to answer, even if you have a crystal ball in front of you. Because we really don’t know what the vacation seeker of tomorrow will be looking for when he’s planning a vacation. Or what he has in mind.

The way we work will have something to do with it
Today many young professionals choose to work remotely. Some of them work out of home, some of them work out of cafes, and some of them pick a vacation spot to work undisturbed.

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Message of the Month – December 2017

Q: From your experience as a research partner of Airda, do you see a further consolidation of the organized sector in the timeshare industry?

We could see some smaller resorts moving out as a result of getting absorbed by the bigger players. I also think we will see new entrants, new products and changing service experiences.

To answer your question, yes, there will be a consolidation of the business as it is now, but the pie will expand, grow and diversify in my opinion.

Q: What are your commonly tagged indicators for growth and market expansion? Are we growing at an acceptable pace?

I think the key indicator here would be penetration of the timeshare industry – I’m referring to the proportion of the population using timeshare plans. I am not sure this is really growing fast enough and my feeling is that two things are acting against it. On the one hand people are ready to spend and indulge here-and-now – which means a one-time holiday and not a timeshare vacation. On the other hand I notice that macroeconomic indicators are visibly dull, which often makes consumers postpone bigger ticket spends.

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Q&A – November 2017

When someone young is looking at timeshare as something to explore, he is perhaps looking forward to the kind of holidays he would expect in the years to come. At least 25 years, if not more.

This story of mine is from the other end of the spectrum – a story that takes me across two decades and more. It is a story that prospective customers and buyers of timeshare will find interesting and useful. Because it gives them a frame of reference. Especially when it comes to making the best out of your timeshare week, year after year.

Those were the days . . .

When I first picked up a timeshare plan, the concept was still in its early years. There was early talk about exchange companies, and swapping your basic plan within India was still work in progress.

Even AIRDA was non-existent at that time, so you can imagine how early this concept was in the evolution curve. But I still recall the days fondly. We never missed a holiday and we used the resort location for all that it offered. A nice holiday setting, good food and other activities featured in the holiday framework at that time.

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Message of the Month – November 2017

I have always looked at Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as an effective process, measure and tool in managing customer relationships. Sounds like a simple and logical definition of CRM, but believe me, it can be the most challenging and exhaustive measure you can implement.

According to me, CRM goes beyond database management – it’s more than studying customer behavior and trends. Let me outline some of the focus points of special interest and consideration.

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member – Executive Committee

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Message of the Month on the AIRDA website – October 2017

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