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In February 2020 we did a story on personal items left behind at hotels and resorts in the country. We featured housekeeping supervisors in that interview who told us that many of the items left behind were inexpensive and difficult to return. (The cost of returning it could sometimes be more than the price of the article you want to return.)

For this month’s feature, we speak to end-customers – people who may have left something behind at the resort.

The people featured here are active on the travel and vacation front. And as we mentioned in our previous interview, this demographic is useful to us – and relevant, in terms of vacation interests and feedback. (Where they go, what they do, and what they look for at a vacation resort.)

There’s more on this story at this link > World of Travel / May 2023

(Image credits included in the main story at this link.)

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India is home to many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, and the most popular wildlife resorts are located within the boundaries of these parks and sanctuaries, providing guests with the opportunity to explore the area in a safe and controlled environment.

Wildlife resorts are a great way to experience life inside a forest – as they offer activities such as bird watching, fishing, and nature walks. Many of the resorts offer safaris, where visitors can go on guided tours of the park or sanctuary accompanied by experienced guides and naturalists. Some sanctuaries also offer jeep safaris, allowing you to observe wildlife in their natural environment.

At the end of this feature story we feature links to two AIRDA members who have properties near wild life sanctuaries.

There’s more on this story at this link > World of AIRDA / May 2023

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The hospitality industry is in a unique position to lead the way in environmental sustainability. As tourists and vacation seekers become more conscious of the environment, they would be comfortable staying at hotels and resorts that align with eco-friendly initiatives and practices.

This feature outlines the benefits of implementing eco-friendly measures in the hospitality industry. It’s about making environmentally responsible decisions in areas such as energy and water use, waste management, and sustainable sourcing.

With the right practices and investments, hospitality businesses can work together for a larger industry cause that aligns with global concerns.

Joining hands and moving in one direction is fast becoming the need of the hour.

There’s more on this story at this link > World of Travel / April 2023

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This sunny resort in the Sterling network is located in Varca, famous for its white sands and quiet beaches. Sterling Goa Varca is spacious in design and has 71 well-appointed rooms. It comes with the Sterling blueprint of facilities and support amenities that can make your vacation really enjoyable.

The Holiday Activity Centre at the resort ensures that the guests have a great time playing indoor and outdoor games. Come to Sterling Goa – Varca to experience a tropical paradise.

In this feature, we talk to a Sterling member and long-term customer about his vacation experience at Sterling Goa Varca. What follows is an interview with him about his vacation with the family. This member has made an editorial request to keep his identity private, so we are not sharing his name and profile in this story.

There’s more on this story at this link > World of Airda / April 2023

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Beachside resort locations offer a variety of advantages that make them popular vacation spots for both locals and tourists – right from a sun and surf setting, to the convenience of being able to access a variety of outdoor activities. You can get the perfect combination of relaxation and beachside options – from swimming and sunbathing, to parasailing, river cruising, and other adventure sports.

With mesmerizing ocean views and gentle beach-lapping sounds of the waves, beachside resorts provide a calming effect that can help you unwind and de-stress. Add other amenities such as nature spas, massage therapies, yoga sessions, and you can look forward to rejuvenation in more ways than one.

Beachside resorts also offer home-grown versions of restaurants, bars, and gift shops. So whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a night out on the town, beachside resorts provide a great way to soak in the local experience.

There’s more on this story at this link > World of AIRDA / March 2023

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Here are some thought starters on Responsible Tourism and Sustainable Tourism from Jonathan Stoker – Chief Executive Officer at Vacation Ownership Advisor, Nevada, United States.

  • Promote Responsible Travel: Encourage travelers to research their destinations, understand the local culture and customs before visiting, and respect the environment, wildlife, and local communities.
  • Conserve Water and Energy: Promote eco-friendly accommodations that conserve water and energy, and provide energy-efficient appliances and lighting.
  • Respect Wildlife: Educate travelers about respecting wildlife and their habitats. Encourage travelers to avoid activities that involve contact with animals or disrupting their habitats.
  • Minimize Waste: Encourage travelers to reduce plastic use, and bring reusable containers and bags for food and souvenirs.

    There’s more on this story at this link > World of Travel / March 2023

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Over the last decade, Waste Management has become a serious focus area drawing a great deal of attention in the hospitality industry – and there’s so much to do if you want to be optimally efficient.

To a large extent, Waste Management brings within its umbrella a resort’s “reduce, reuse, recycle” policy. And includes the purchasing of reusable products, reducing food waste through composting, reducing energy and water consumption, and safely disposing of hazardous materials.

To be organized in this space you first need to put in place a comprehensive waste management program that outlines how waste should be managed, recycled, and disposed of. The program should include guidelines for guests, staff, housekeeping, food & beverage, and other departments.

There’s more on this story at this link > World of Travel / January 2023

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Timeshare can be a convenient and cost-effective way to vacation with your family – especially if you are committed to at least one vacation in the year. In addition to visiting your primary resort location, you can also explore other holiday locations in India and abroad through an exchange company like RCI.

These days AIRDA resort members offer both short-term and long-term options in membership plans, so you can decide on a plan based on your need and budget.

If you chat with regular users of timeshare you will hear stories of the best ways they have used their allocated week in the year. A timeshare resort offers a complete, end-to-end stay-over experience with good service, star F&B options, high-quality rooms, and some very interesting ways to spend your vacation time.

There’s more on this story at this link > World of AIRDA / January 2023

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In this feature on the AIRDA website, young professionals in India visualize the year ahead for vacations and travel.

The last twelve months saw us moving into a space of relief and recovery, with plenty to look forward to. But it looks like there is a fresh update on the virus front. And if we go by media reports, things don’t look too good in the New Year.

Our comfort factor these days draws from past experience and our response to the situation. We are better informed and have learnt to work around constraints and roadblocks – making sure that work doesn’t come to a standstill. The wheels of business and enterprise must keep turning, and the wings of travel must help us find new horizons.

So we reached out to some young vacation seekers to check on their vacation plans. These are people who have played safe during the pandemic and have been waiting for the right time to pack their bags.

This young demographic is useful to us – and extremely relevant, in terms of readiness to travel. This is the segment that is wired to take breaks – over long weekends, and sometimes on a longer annual vacation.

There’s more on this story at this link > World of Travel / December 2022

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In 1997, a visionary group of resort developers and RCI inked a blueprint for an independent body – an association with a purpose and an agenda – keeping in mind the nascent profile of timeshare in the country and the constructive role that could be played by developers to grow the industry.

Importantly, to work hand-in-hand with both promoters and consumers in the industry. This was how the foundation was laid for the All India Resort Development Association (AIRDA).

Today we have 26 committed members under the AIRDA banner – who are united in the cause of promoting a body that believes in ethics, transparency, and fair value to the customer.

Our member committee represents a cross-section of players in the timeshare industry – small, medium, and large – some of them with one resort location and others with over 4000 resorts. And irrespective of the size of operations, each one of them stands united behind the core objectives of AIRDA.
An association that is re-defining the organized sector of timeshare in the country.

It’s your gateway to timeshare in India.

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