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This month we have an interesting interview on our Q&A update with Mr. Rajiv Agarwal – Head of Marketing Operations at Salarpuria Sattva Group. And what really makes interesting reading here is the idea his team has come up with, linked to a sales promotion offer with RCI.

Along with an apartment in a pre-designated project of theirs, customers are awarded a vacation ownership plan for 21 years – now add to that, an exclusive five year membership with RCI. That’s “happiness” in one word.

Looking at this closely, I find total synergy in this co-branded promotion. The company making the offer and the organization delivering the experience are large trusted brands – there is a logical and meaningful fit in the two names coming together.

This is an idea that might just bring a whole new demographic into play – previously not accessed or reached by vacation ownership developers. It will most certainly accelerate the rate of initial trial and first user experience of vacation ownership products.

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member – Executive Committee

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Message of the Month – August 2018

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How do you leverage sales in the real estate and building industries?

It is difficult to be innovative in our industry as compared to other verticals – especially FMCG, where they have really big budgets. So it came down to brainstorming with team members on the most effective promotion ideas – something that would be associated with long term value and benefit to our customers.

And while our marketing team was looking at the big picture, we asked our sales team about their interactions with customers.To give this effort added focus we looked within the aspiration window of our customers.

We asked them about desired experiences linked to their aspirations, and a lot of them seemed to talk about vacations – ‘dream vacations’ as many of them visualized it. This seemed like a revelation, so we explored this platform further and linked it to our main proposition – especially as most people look forward to taking a break at least once in the year.

In conversation with Rajiv Agarwal,
Head of Marketing, Salarpuria Sattva Group

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Q&A – August 2018

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