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Lisa Ann Schreier is the driving force behind The Timeshare Crusader – a blog dedicated to helping consumers through the myriad of confusing information, as well as working with forward thinking organizations to be a catalyst for positive change. She is the creative force behind International Timeshare Appreciation Day, held annually on November 1st.

Author of two best-selling books, “Surviving A Timeshare Presentation – Confessions From The Sales Table” and “Timeshare Vacations For Dummies.” Also co-authored the college-level textbook, “An Introduction To Vacation Ownership Management.”

Regular speaker and contributor to the National Timeshare Owners Association and the Florida Timeshare Users Group. Featured speaker at CRDA’s 2011 conference, as well as TATOC’s 2012 conference. Guest lecturer, each semester at the University of Central Florida.

Member of North American Travel Journalists Association. Contributor to AllExperts.com. Lead Timeshare Advocate on Elliott.org, and monthly contributor to Senior.com.

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Views & Interviews on the AIRDA website – October 2017


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When you’re looking at timeshare or vacation ownership in India you will see a wave of positive indicators from the tourism industry that augur well for us – because we are part of the overall tourism pie.

We are part of it from two useful viewpoints. One, we widen the experience window for both local and international tourists in India. Two, we make a small, but significant contribution to generating tourist revenue every year. And the chain reaction helps and props up local industry, the transactions associated with it, and related small business enterprises that operate within the proximity store.

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member – Executive Committee

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Message of the Month on the AIRDA website – September 2017

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Over the years we have witnessed innovation and change in India’s timeshare marketplace, including the serving up of new flavors, to widen the holiday experience. This ranges from new offerings that new age global travelers seek, to setting up of timeshare resorts in undiscovered locations in the country.

I have also seen visible changes in the delivery models of timeshare experiences – to include golf, trekking, river rafting, jungle safaris and new-adventure sport. This Q&A session includes questions that I have asked myself over the last couple of years on the changing face of timeshare in India.

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Message of the Month – November 2016

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This Q&A interview may be a projection of the future – where you get to know your customer so well that you give him the kind of service that is totally customized. And this has a lot to do with anticipating needs, and understanding individual concerns – something that can go a long way in making each customer feel really, really special.

These days you can get a basic idea of customer preferences through feedback forms – but it helps to know more and dig deeper. A good tool here is in the digital analysis of preferences and usage patterns via booking information, restaurants, room service requests, complaints and feedback given during the customer’s stay at the resort. But there’s a whole lot more you can do, as you might see in this fictional Q&A session.

So here goes – like we said, this is sometime in the future – though some resorts may be already moving in the right direction.

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Q&A – November 2016

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From my point of view, people need to take their breaks from busy work schedules – as often as they can, and as often as they can afford to. Sounds exciting, but can be difficult if you’re in a high-pressure job or part of a team that has key deliverables right through the year. But I’m sure most of us can take that annual vacation to get away from regular work, and enjoy the outdoors – the wilderness beckons.

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Source: Q&A: Talking to Arathi Venkatesh of Bangalore

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