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Lisa Ann Schreier is the driving force behind The Timeshare Crusader – a blog dedicated to helping consumers through the myriad of confusing information, as well as working with forward thinking organizations to be a catalyst for positive change. She is the creative force behind International Timeshare Appreciation Day, held annually on November 1st.

Author of two best-selling books, “Surviving A Timeshare Presentation – Confessions From The Sales Table” and “Timeshare Vacations For Dummies.” Also co-authored the college-level textbook, “An Introduction To Vacation Ownership Management.”

Regular speaker and contributor to the National Timeshare Owners Association and the Florida Timeshare Users Group. Featured speaker at CRDA’s 2011 conference, as well as TATOC’s 2012 conference. Guest lecturer, each semester at the University of Central Florida.

Member of North American Travel Journalists Association. Contributor to AllExperts.com. Lead Timeshare Advocate on Elliott.org, and monthly contributor to Senior.com.

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Views & Interviews on the AIRDA website – October 2017

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October 2015
When people talk about going down memory lane, they usually talk about that first time. First day at college, at work, or maybe even an extreme sport such as wild river rafting, or bungee jumping. We thought we would ask people about their first timeshare holiday and capture their unique moments for this interview.

So, here goes – let’s see what they have to say about their first timeshare experience.

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October 2015: Views & Interviews

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