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If there’s one thing I have always believed in, it’s about investing in your customer. Nothing new, if you view it as a phrase – but can be invaluable if you translate that into meaningful relationships. It’s an equation that goes beyond ensuring a good product, good service and good value. In today’s new world of business enterprise, you’re not just dealing with market trends – you’re dealing one-to-one with people. And the best way to engage with the customer is not to look at them as a bunch of statistics. They’re real people, with real dreams, real needs and real aspirations.

In this article, I may have just opened the door to a whole new way of looking at customers and forging long-term relationships.

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Message of the Month – June 2016


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Take that vacation – you’re bound to meet interesting people, and sometimes that can be very, very inspirational. On my recent trip to Goa, I had the opportunity of meeting Odette Mascarenhas – television host, celebrated author and a critic of culinary preparations – she is also the inspiration behind the Goan Culinary Club.

And remember that we all need a little break once in a while, as it helps us work better. Try reading through various travel blogs, they will definitely encourage you to get off that work chair and travel more often. I invariably have a bag ready and packed for a vacation, but because of my hectic job I don’t get to travel much. But when I get that chance to travel, I make good use of it.

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Q&A – June 2016

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