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October 2015
When people talk about going down memory lane, they usually talk about that first time. First day at college, at work, or maybe even an extreme sport such as wild river rafting, or bungee jumping. We thought we would ask people about their first timeshare holiday and capture their unique moments for this interview.

So, here goes – let’s see what they have to say about their first timeshare experience.

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October 2015: Views & Interviews

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In marketing sessions, we come across demographic profiling and segmentation – which are useful first steps in homing in on our customers. Yes, you need to understand age, sex, family lifecycle and socio-economic status – but as stakeholders in the industry, we also need to deliver the kind of service offerings he is looking for.

In fact, understanding a customer’s wish list can help us match their needs with the kind of timeshare experience we have to offer.

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October 2015: Message of the Month – B. S. Rathor

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