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Sometimes it’s useful to check out the kind of facilities offered by resorts that you’re interested in. Especially if you have not yet signed on the dotted line. So look at their website, ask questions, find out more. The more you know, the more satisfied you will feel about your decision.

There’s good advice here, from the Chairman of AIRDA

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AIRDA_Cartoon+CollageCheck out the new cartoons on the AIRDA website. We’ve got a fresh set done, ready and uploaded. AIRDA member resorts can use these cartoons in their newsletters and presentations, but do write in at airdacontent@gmail.com. We could send you these images in the size that would be suitable for the application you have in mind.

It is useful for us to know where our content is being used. And when you use our cartoons, please link back to the AIRDA website and acknowledge the source for the content. You can say something like: Cartoon source: http://www.airda.org/html/resources/holiday_season.html

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