This month, I’d like to share fresh ways to look at your timeshare week. Especially if you are new to timeshare, or considering taking those first steps to explore the world of vacation ownership. From what I have seen, most people think that timeshare is about going to one holiday location, year after year for as long as your membership lasts. Take a closer look and you will see what an exciting world it is, when you sign up with a resort on the AIRDA network.

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Message of the Month – August 2016

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Q&A – August 2016

My first timeshare holiday, was when I went on this holiday with my uncle and his family – this was probably 15 years ago when I was in school. I was so happy to part of such a huge gathering of our relatives – and I can remember people of all ages enjoying themselves.

I didn’t know then that it was a timeshare holiday, but have been with friends over the years to other resorts and locations. But that first (timeshare) holiday in Goa is something I will remember for a long, long time. And I think it was because it brought three families together on a happy occasion and a lovely setting.

Ravi Kapali, Event Manager

Among the many things I look at with renewed interest for our website, is the aspect of consumer education and awareness. It is important for consumers to be fully aware of the timeshare product from many points of view – right from the initial purchase price when you sign up, to annual maintenance fees – and of course, what it takes to keep your membership active year after year.

All AIRDA member resorts are committed to high standards of business ethics and consumer focus. In line with what I have outlined in this article I would advise timeshare to buyers learn about product, features and offerings – it is also important to know what their responsibilities are to keep memberships alive and valid.

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Message of the Month – July 2016