Mina Tilakraj is an independent tourism professional who looks at travel and life from a different dimension and perspective. She describes herself as a storyteller guide of India, and promoter of tourism for global goodwill and understanding. She is currently the only Travelism Expert in the country. Starting off as a licensed tour guide over three decades ago, she graduated on to become a tour manager and later an itinerary designer.

She is also an inspirational speaker, welcoming you to travel with her to discover and experience the wonders of the ‘outer’ and your ‘inner’ world at the same time – a journey that will enhance your world view and help you meet your real inner self – the wonderful ‘Incredible & Absolute You’!

On the travel front, she welcomes you to a world of memorable experiences in the country and discover the true spirit of ‘India beyond books’ – on road-trips, story tours, spiritual tours and pioneer tours.

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World of Travel / September 2021

Working towards a world of difference

At MHRIL, sustainability and being eco-friendly go hand-in-hand against a backdrop of ecological initiatives – with a clear commitment to achieving higher standards in energy-efficiency.

MHRIL is India’s first hospitality company to join the ranks of global RE100 and EP100 initiatives. The RE100 initiative brings together inspired and influential business leaders that are committed to 100% renewable electricity – by 2050 at the latest. Organizations joining this initiative set public goals to source their electricity entirely from renewable sources, and commit to disclosing their data annually.

We have also pledged to join EP100 – an energy campaign that works with businesses to commit to doubling their energy productivity and maximize the output from each unit of energy used. 

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World of Airda / September 2021


Pramod Panvalkar is the CEO of Supriya Associates – an IT consulting firm specializing in business consulting, business analytics, customer relationship management and ERP.

Pramod’s interests include reading, cricket, travel, music, movies … and blogging (he has over 800 posts in his feed.) We reached out to him after reading a very interesting feature he did on his Club Mahindra holiday in Kodagu – he has been a member for over 10 years.

When Pramod talks about vacations and taking a break from work, he illustrates “happiness” in a very interesting way. “I feel that all other things being okay, nature is the best therapy to bring joy out of us. If we assign a score out of ten, nature could get a 10/10.”

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World of Airda / August 2021

This story is about travel, and what inspires Rajesh to take a break from work and head out with his Theera Ulaa team. He says he has been to 25 states in India and wants young people to escape from the four walls of their cubicles to experience the world outside and the beauty of travel.

 “Theera Ulaa” is an interesting phrase meaning your ‘never-ending journey’. And that is what we want life to be like for you – to meet new people, discover new places and experience new cultures.

And it all began during our college days when we first discovered our wings – ours was a small group of friends who were like-minded and consumed by wanderlust. We started operations as a travel advisory using the online video format; soon we wanted to add useful content and information. (Everything someone would want to know without calling a travel agent.)

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World of Travel / August 2021

I am a member of Sterling’s Ooty resort in Tamilnadu. And I am really happy I picked a timeshare plan with them a little over twenty years ago.

And as you can see, that is a long time in terms of my member relationship with Sterling. I have seen them grow, expand, modernize and widen their footprint in the country – and of course world wide as well through the exchange companies they are associated with.

Sterling was one of the early entrants in the timeshare space in India, and what you see evolving today is the result of a lot of groundwork done by them. In those days, timeshare was a concept that was new to India and lead players like Sterling did a good job of adapting a global trend to the travel and vacation needs of Indian prospects. The timeshare blueprint is largely the same, but the spinoffs were appealing to Indian customers such as me.

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World of Airda / July 2021

I’ve been travelling ever since I moved to Mumbai, 13 years back. Initially it was locally, between states and once I got my passport, abroad. I sometimes travelled as part of my work, going to cover events and spending hours just in transit to reach remote locations. But, those trips gave me as much joy as a well-planned vacation in a cold, hilly town.

As a travel writer, I am often invited on sponsored trips and though hectic, they are still enjoyable. I often extend my stay in these places, so I can explore them my way. Now, as a freelance writer, I travel whenever I can (responsibilities permitting). I have savings that are in place mainly to fund my trips, because the INR is still very weak.  The advantage of being a freelance writer is you need just a stable internet connection and your laptop – and you can work from anywhere.

In this year, my goal is to explore my home (Goa) and discover all its hidden beauty.

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World of Travel / July 2021

There’s light at the end of the tunnel

Over the last twelve months most vacation seekers have cooled their heels – diligently following safety guidelines on interactions with the outside world. Many of them even held back on the temptation to take a weekend break, just to play safe.

And this can be difficult to sustain on an endless loop – because of the simmering frustrations of working-from-home, and looking for relaxation within the same four walls.

This month’s World of Airda session is about the thoughts, feelings and emotions of people who hope that the turnaround is indeed happening and we can look forward to packing our bags.

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World of Airda / April 2021

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What is #responsibletourism? Can it be more than a hashtag? There could be many ways to answer the question, but you need to start somewhere. And if you’re looking at collective participation, you need to think of collective responsibility as well – effort that brings in all stakeholders in the industry together.

To start with, it can be more than just a hashtag. Tourism departments can play the lead role of game changers and core influencers – these are government bodies that can support, enable, facilitate and encourage a whole new way of doing things.

When the tourism department drives initiatives in responsible tourism the effort can have a cascading effect – because the momentum can pick up at decision-making levels in the industry. Any concerns addressed at this level will only trickle down in positive and constructive ways – right down to communities around tourist locations, travel professionals, hotels and resorts.

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World of Travel / April 2021

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views-march2021-raghavendra-bhakri-02Danta Resort is an ideal destination for couples and families seeking a private holiday, where nature is at its best. Ours is a vacation home that provides the comfort and space to relax and unwind – while we anticipate every little need that you may have in mind.

Our boutique coffee estate resort is located in Madikeri – a picturesque city and the capital of Kodagu. The sound of birds chirping and a river flowing close to the resort sets up a perfect holiday setting for our guests. You get the feeling of walking on a cloud when you stay here.  

We currently have 14 spacious and tastefully-designed rooms with large balconies that open up to the scenic beauty of the place.We also have a 24-hour coffee shop, a theme restaurant serving multi-cuisine fare, and an interesting buffet spread every day. Guests can also use the room service option.

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Views & Interviews / March 2021


This month we feature Kumar Tarur Parameswaran from Hyderabad – a senior Marketing & Services business professional who called it time when he turned 50. He says a 3-year hiatus from work, enabled a change of course to follow his passion and motivation – writing travel stories that help you explore the country, its history and its people.

Kumar’s website takes its name from India’s latitude – 20 degrees north. It is essentially about sustainable and responsible travel, transformational experiences, and travel stories based on a theme. These are stories narrated by a passionate traveler who presents some very interesting bookmarks for you – road trips, trekking, classical, countryside, heritage and offbeat.

Kumar’s travel compass has taken him right across the country – North, South, East and West. After crisscrossing the entire length and breadth of the country, he still says, “I have a long road ahead of me!”

On this interview, we chat with Kumar about his travels, his experiences and what makes the restless nomad in him want to see more of the world.

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Message of the Month / March 2021